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Plight of Missing Children (India)

Date: 2013-02-17 Source: CSt. Correspondent Seeking Justice City based NGO will bring to notice tragic tales about the lives of a large number of missing children at an international conference on adoption from February 19 at Delhi Pune: City-bases NGO Sakhee along with Against Child Trafficking (ACT), Brussels and HAQ-Centre for Child Rights, Delhi… Read more »

Argos: rechter Ethiopië verklaart adoptie Nederlands meisje Betty ongeldig

Source: Nieuwsbericht: Ethiopische rechter verklaart adoptie onwettig Geplaatst op 15 februari 2013       door Barbara Schreuders Nieuwsbericht Argos (HUMAN, VARA, VPRO) Een rechtbank in de Ethiopische hoofdstad Addis Ababa heeft deze week de adoptie van een 14-jarig meisje door Nederlandse adoptieouders ongeldig verklaard. Dit meldt het onderzoeksprogramma Argos (Radio 1) vandaag (vrijdag 15 februari 2013) dat… Read more »

Ethiopian girl had her adoption revoked

Politiken | 14.02.2013 | Page 7 Betty and her mother after the Court hearing. ADOPTION A Dutch adoption case, which looks like the two Danish cases has ended happily – at least for the girl Betty, who is now her real parents daughter again.

Ethiopian Adoptee Wins Legal Case to Revoke Adoption

Source: Marthe Van Der Wolf February 11, 2013 ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA — An Ethiopian court has revoked the adoption of a girl by a family in the Netherlands. This is the first time a foreign adoption has been revoked in Ethiopia’s long history of overseas adoption.

“Das verlorene Kind – Auslandsadoption in Indien”

WATCH ONLINE:   DAS VERLORENE KIND 24. Januar 2013  von alicia ZDFinfo zeigt am Freitag, den 25. Januar 2013 um 9 Uhr eine interessante Reportage über Adoption in Indien und die Welt zwischen Mutterliebe und Kinderhandel.

Adopted children are Ethiopia’s bitter fruits

INFORMAL TRANSLATION – Published in Danish in Politiken Politiken | 27.12.2012 | Page 8 | 815 words | Article ID: e395680a | Original Article The NGO Against Child Trafficking investigating a string of adoption proceedings for a Dutch agency, they found scores of illegal and unethical conditions. by Dorrit SAIETZ How does it work in… Read more »

Activists work to stop all adoptions

(INFORMAL TRANSLATION) – published in Danish in Politiken, Denmark, 27 December 2012 Adoption from poor to rich countries creates more orphans than it helps, thinks the NGO Against Child Trafficking. by Dorrit SAIETZ One can hardly imagine a more unlikely pair of activists. Dutch Roelie Post’s former civil servant of the European Commission. German Arun Dohle… Read more »