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India’s Orphans: FOR EXPORT ONLY

Source: A personal Inquiry by Anant Asthana on Thursday, November 1, 2012 Me: I don’t understand you guys’ opposition to inter-country adoption. You are extremists. Arun:  Anjali! Give that book to Anant. Anjali: But I have brought that book for registrar. Arun: No, give it to him. It makes more sense to give it… Read more »

Adoption, market of corruption and happiness

Source: 6 October 2012 Adoption is a possibility for parents to get a child. But adoption is also business and the adoption market is sensitive for corruption. Children are being stolen, money is paid. The biological parents who relinquish, often don’t understand what adoption means.

Gandhis vs a Swedish nurse: The murky secrets of international adoptions

Source: by FP Staff 10 September 2012 Why are the descendants of the Father of the Nation trying to keep an Indian adoptee from finding out who was her birth mother? Mihir Srivastava’s cover story for Open Magazine about the tangled web of international adoptions tries to shed light on many dark family secrets… Read more »

India: Family Secrets

Source: 15 September 2012 Cross-border adoption: the trauma of knowing one was given away at birth and the travails of trying to find out why BY Mihir Srivastava EMAIL AUTHOR(S) Tagged Under | adoption | birth | foster parents BELONGING THE QUEST Arun Dohle, in his foster father’s lap

Adopting from Africa, Saving the Children?

Source: Intercountry adoption exposes many shortcomings in domestic and international legislation. ARTICLE | 6 AUGUST 2012 – 11:14AM | BY ELIZABETH WILLMOTT HARROP The veneer of philanthropy regarding intercountry adoption is beginning to fade as issues are more broadly and better understood, and a dangerous connection to child trafficking becomes more prominent. It is… Read more »

31 years on, daughter comes calling from Netherlands

Mumbai, 29 July 2012 Frontpage The Indian Express: Part I Part II Thirty-one years ago when an unwed mother surrendered her month-old baby at an orphanage, little did she imagine that her daughter would find a way into her life while she battled cancer at the age of 53. In a heartwarming rendezvous, Carina Roodenburg… Read more »

Policy Makers’ Attention Needed to Counter Inter-country Adoption

Source: Africa Portal Elizabeth Willmott Harrop July 4, 2012 ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA – Africa has been dubbed the new frontier for inter-country adoption, and for good reason. As traditional sending countries in Eastern Europe and Asia have tightened the supply of available children in recent years, demand has dramatically shifted to Africa. According to the… Read more »

Adoption trade sets up shop in Africa

Date: 2012-07-12 Source: Pan African conference addresses emerging crisis in child rights By Elizabeth Willmott-Harrop 12 July 2012 This article was published in abridged form on 6 August 2012: Adopting from Africa, Saving the Children? Think Africa Press, and 4 July 2012: Policy Makers’ Attention Needed to Counter Inter-country Adoption The Africa Portal, an online… Read more »

Governments Communicate in Kairi Case But Won’t Reveal Details

Source: Article |     June 12, 2012 – 11:19pm – Updated 13 June Washington – The United States government on Tuesday told India America Today that Washington was in touch with Delhi, but the US State Department in the same vein refused to confirm if it had received the letters of communication from its Indian… Read more »

Deported woman seeks MEA’s help

Source: May 28, 2012 In a letter to Krishna, Jennifer Edgell Haynes, claims that she was a victim of child trafficking, sexual abuse and exploitation after she was adopted by an American couple when she was seven years old. Seeking the minister’s help. “Until three years back I believed I was a citizen of… Read more »