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‘Stalinist’ social workers ‘took children from loving mothers’

Source: By LAURA CLARK and PAUL BENTLEY Last updated at 8:34 AM on 13th April 2010 Social workers behaved like officials in ‘Stalin’s Russia or Mao’s China’ in attempting to remove children from loving mothers, senior judges have said. They warned that social workers in two separate cases tried to put children in foster… Read more »

Andrews asks parents to send adoption forms to Russia

Source: The Irish Times – Tuesday, April 13, 2010 MINISTER FOR Children Barry Andrews has called on parents who have adopted children from Russia to provide reports on their welfare to Moscow to remove Ireland from an adoption blacklist. However, he has insisted that the Government is powerless to compel the Irish parents of adopted… Read more »

Kouchner ne veut pas être “accusé d’enlèvement

Date: 2010-01-19 Source: Le Point Le chef de la diplomatie Bernard Kouchner a mis en garde mardi contre des adoptions précipitées d’enfants haïtiens, jugeant que les autorités françaises ne doivent pas être “accusées d’enlèvement”, même sous un “bon prétexte”. “Sous le bon prétexte de sauver des enfants (…) il ne faut pas qu’on soit accusé… Read more »

Haïti. 13 enfants susceptibles d’être adoptés bientôt en Belgique

Source: Mis en ligne le 18/01/2010 Une dizaine d’enfants haïtiens “adoptables” devraient “revenir avec un avion dans les jours qui viennent”, a indiqué lundi la ministre de la Jeunesse en Communauté française, Evelyne Huytebroeck.

Kind zoekt ouders

Source: Opiniemakers dinsdag 15 december 2009Auteur: DE STANDAARD ANALYSE — ‘Adoptie bevindt zich wereldwijd in crisis’ kopte De Standaard gisteren. In Brussel ging die dag een staten-generaal van start die de knelpunten voor Vlaanderen onder de loep moet nemen. Eén van de grootste problemen? Te weinig kinderen voor te veel ouders.

Ahern warns of ‘anti-adoption bias’

Source: The Irish Times – Friday, November 27, 2009 MARIE O’HALLORAN A FORMER minister has suggested there may be an “anti-adoption bias” at senior levels of the Department of Health and of the Health Service Executive. Noel Ahern (FF, Dublin North West) questioned why people were obliged to wait five years to adopt when… Read more »

Romania should withstand pressure to lift ban on international adoptions

Source: RUPERT WOLFE MURRAY 13.11.2009 @ 15:34 CET EUOBSERVER / COMMENT – Ever since Romania prohibited international adoptions in 2001 it has been pressurised by the leaders of France, Italy, Israel, Spain and the US to lift the ban. Behind these politicians are private adoption agencies, adoptive parents and others interested in getting children… Read more »

Denmark to resume child adoption from India

Source: Tuesday October 9, 2009 New Delhi, Oct 9 (PTI) Denmark has lifted ban on adoption of children from India, four months after it had stopped child adoptions from here in the wake of reports alleging that some of the children could have been abducted. “We have forwarded a report prepared by the Central… Read more »

Who’s against Madge’s adoption plans?

Source:  28 Mar 2009, 1246 hrs IST, IANS   A woman wants to stop pop star Madonna from adopting her granddaughter, alleging the singer is “stealing”  The 50-year-old Madonna had almost finalised the 19-month long effort to adopt four-year-old Mercy James, but the child’s grandmother Lucy Chekechiwa is now trying to prevent this, reports…. Read more »

Stopp für Adoption 24.1.2009 Auslandsadoption: Bei Vermittlungen aus Äthiopien waren gefälschte Dokumente im Spiel – die TT berichtete. Nun wurden Adoptionen aus diesem Land gestoppt.