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Australians could adopt Indian children again, but not everyone is happy about it

Source: Lanai Scarr, News Corp Australia Network August 12, 2018 5:30pm EXCLUSIVE ADOPTIONS from India could start again by Christmas with Minister for Families and Children David Gillespie giving the green light for Australians to once again open their homes to Indian children. News Corp Australia can also reveal initial discussions have begun to allow… Read more »

The Australian government says India has improved its processes, but one anti-trafficking group says corruption is still rife in the country’s orphanages.

Source: 13 August 2018 By James Elton-Pym Australians will once again be allowed to adopt children from India, after the federal government lifted an eight-year suspension over trafficking concerns. Assistant Minister for Children and Families David Gillespie confirmed he wrote to his state counterparts on Monday morning, as a group of politicians launched a new… Read more »

For NRIs, adoption dream no child’s play

Source: AMRITA MADHUKALYA | Mon, 7 Aug 2017-07:45am , New Delhi , DNA Australia had suspended adoption involving Indians since 2011 Vivek and his wife Ramya gave up a perfect life in Sydney earlier this year and relocated to India. The couple, who wanted to adopt a child, were told by officials that non-resident… Read more »

Adoptions in Australia fall to record low levels in 2016

Source: DECEMBER 20 2016 Felicity Caldwell Only 278 adoptions were finalised in the past year – the lowest number on record – according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. It was a fall of 5 per cent from the 292 adoptions in 2014-15 and of 74 per cent from the 1052 adoptions 25… Read more »

Outrage over child models used to ‘sell’ adoptee children from broken homes

Source: March 28, 2016 Rory Callinan Investigative journalist Children offered for adoption are being represented as photogenic child models with attractive personalities in a controversial internet advertising campaign run by a NSW government-funded charity. The marketing campaign by Barnardos has infuriated an adult adoptees support group which claims it is akin to an online sale… Read more »

Baby Dev’s Story Illustrates Surrogacy’s Incredibly Dark Side

Date: 2015-08-18 Source: COMMENTARY: International surrogacy is often touted as a win-win, a free market where everyone benefits. When we take a closer look, however, the whole facade quickly falls apart. BY REBECCA TAYLOR 08/18/2015 Comments (9) Borja Sanchez-Trillo/Getty Images THE FACE OF SURROGACY. Thai surrogate mother Pattaramon Chanbua poses inside the Samitivej hospital… Read more »

Foreign Correspondent – The Baby Boy Left Behind

Date: 2015-06-22 Foreign Correspondent WATCH FULL 30 MINUTES DOCUMENTARY ONLINE HERE ABC Australia – with Arun Dohle and Anjali Pawar of Against Child Trafficking (ACT) The story of the baby boy left behind in India by his Australian parents was first revealed by #ForeignCorrespondent and ABC earlier this year. The boy’s identity and fate have… Read more »

Your child is missing. Would you want their adoption to be easier?

Source: Original wesite contains LINKS OPINION By Patricia Fronek Posted 26 May 2015, 3:40am A child lies sleeping PHOTO: We should be wary of timeframes on inter-country adoption. (Parth Sanyal : REUTERS) Support for inter-country adoption appears to have taken on a religious fervour. But in a world where families are targeted by recruiters and… Read more »

Surrogacy laws may be a bridge too far for Australia

Source: April 20, 2015 Bernadette Tobin Attorney-General George Brandis is considering a recommendation from the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs that there be an inquiry into the regulatory and legislative aspects of surrogacy. Infertility is the cause of a lot of pain for many Australian couples. You would have… Read more »