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Dutch Board of Criminal Justice and Protection of Juveniles

2 November 2016 At the request of the Dutch Government the Board of Criminal Justice and Protection of Juveniles today has published a summary of their advice. “Summary Board of Criminal Justice and Protection of Juveniles’ advice ‘Reflection on Intercountry Adoption’ 2 November 2016” Some highlights According to the opinon of the Board Board of Criminal Justice… Read more »

ACT: Stop Adoption, NO Market in Children

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Mahatma Gandhi           Many people tried for years to dismiss ACT for our strict UNCRC approach. We were considered “radical”. Researchers, Law Professors, adult adoptee leaders, government officers ,journalists and of course adoption agencies and… Read more »

Guest Blogger: Anusja “official”

2 August 2016 What is the definition of “OFFICIAL”? I can tell that in the setting of adoption it is a vague and a grey terminology. There clearly is room for interpretation, which should not be the case – as we are talking about human beings. So humanity must be there. However, in adoption this gets… Read more »

Open Letter to the European Commission

From: Arun Dohle [] Sent: Montag, 16. Mai 2016 18:39 To: MEMBERS EUROPEAN COMMISSION Subject: Open Letter   Dear Members of the European Commission, I am writing to you all as a matter of last resort. Simon Mordue, as Member of Cabinet of VP Verheugen, and the former Secretary General of the European Commission, Catherine… Read more »

Italy: A War on Intercountry Adoptions

The Italian intercountry adoption system, once the strongest in Europe, has been paralysed over the last years.  Numbers went down by 50 %. Not as squeaky clean as the agencies pretend, the Head of the Central Authority, Silvia Della Monica (a former judge), is trying to put things order. Source: (Full article in Italian,… Read more »

The Rise and Fall of Adoptions from Ethiopia

9 March 2016 After the adoptions from Romania, Guatemala, Cambodia etc. stopped, the adoption caravan travelled to Ethiopia. A rapid rise in numbers of adopted children, should always raise alarm bells. In 2009, Dutch adoption agency Wereldkinderen (NICWO) commissioned a field research to ACT.  Below our sad conclusions. Country after country came – years overdue… Read more »

The legal minefield of Europe’s non-consensual adoptions

16 February 2016 Source: EPPARLTV Non-consensual adoptions, adoptions without consent aka forced adoption are an increasing legal minefield when these are cross-border cases. However, the question that needs to be urgently addressed: should children be permanently separated from their parents. Should family bonds be broken. Are such decisions too easily taken? Is adoption a child… Read more »


14 February 2016 Some time back, last year, Against Child Trafficking and a European Commission civil servant (not Roelie Post)  blew the whistle on children’s rights  at the European Parliament. The European Commission’s civil servant informed Member of the European Parliament Cecilia Wikström about the intimidations/threats she gets. How Cecilia Wikström deals with a whistleblower… Read more »

Belgian professor sees no harm in commercialising the sale of children

5 February 2016   Professor Frederik Swennen (Belgium: 2011: Professor Frederik Swennen, specialist in family law and himzelf a ‘happily married gay”, says there is in this country no consensus for surrogacy. 2016: Source: I don’t understand that many in this country want to forbid commercial surrogacy. For one adoption from the US… Read more »

Bodnariu Family and the permanent destruction of families

4 February 2016 Since weeks there have been demonstrations against the Norwegian child protection services ‪#‎stopbarnevernet, in support of the Budnariu family. And it continues. Massive protest of Romanians are being organised all over the world. See the above picture taken in Brussels. Sadly it rarely gets connected to the broader child rights policy issue…. Read more »