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Masho’s biological parents will sue Denmark: We have not talked to her for years

Source: Google translation By: SANNE FAHNØE 7 April 2016 ‘Mercy Mercy – adoption price of a child’, depicted in 2012 Masho’s hard life in Denmark after being adopted from Ethiopia. Photo: Fridthjof Film Photo: Fridthjof Film The Ethiopian parents of the adopted girl Masho, who in 2008 was adopted from Ethiopia by Danish parents are… Read more »

Ethiopian court annuls Amy and Masho’s adoption

Source: 07. April 2016 Masho (left) and Amy Steen (right) were both adopted for couples in Denmark from Ethiopia, but ended respectively orphanages and in foster care. Now an Ethiopian court overturned their adoption. Photo: TV 2 by Rikke Struck Westersø A court in Ethiopia has overturned the adoption of two children who were adopted… Read more »

A holy anger against the adoption industry

Source: (Google Translation from Swedish) published March 31, 2016 at 09:08 “She is angry” is a furious showdown with the transnational adoption industry. Valerie Kyeyune Backstrom golvas of the strength of Maja Lee Langvalds repeating prose. NOVEL MAJA LEE Langvad She is angry Translation Kristofer Folkhammar and Johanne Lykke Holm Panache / Albert Bonniers,… Read more »

Do you remember Amy’s adoption nightmare? Now she escaped to Ethiopia

Against Child Trafficking (ACT) bears all expenses for Amy’s travel and stay in Ethiopia, as well as the costs of the Court case. We need donations to bring this story as well as Masho’s story to a good end… DONATE Source: Google Translation: for more pictures and video’s in Danish, see original Source TV2 31.3.2016… Read more »

Denmark will stop adoptions from Ethiopia

Source: 08-03-2016 Social Security and Interior Minister Karen Ellemann suspends adoption services from Ethiopia to stop cooperating. The decision follows the recommendation of the Appeals Board, which has just been on a supervision travel in the country. Social Security and Interior Minister Karen Ellemann says: “I can not see that it is possible to… Read more »

Ethiopia wanted to check adoptive children in Denmark

Source: (Google translation from Danish) DENMARK JAN. 17. 2016 Two experts from Ethiopia’s Ministry of Social Affairs have been in Denmark on an unusual mission – but they met a closed door. Dorrit Saietz DORRIT SAIETZ Journalist Danish International adoptions (DIA) is the result of a merger of the two scandal-ridden adoption agencies DanAdopt and… Read more »

Do you remember Amy? Now she is trapped in Denmark and shall not see her mother

A video of the little Ethiopian girl Amy, who forcibly dragged into a car by educators from Næstved, threw the first light of scandals in the adoption system. Today, three years later, prohibit the Danish authorities Amy to visit his HIV-infected biological mother in Ethiopia. “Everything has been a huge misunderstanding. My mother would never… Read more »

Kenya, another adoption scandal. The cost of Impunity.

There is a new adoption scandal. Kenya this time. It seems to never stop as the Western adoption agencies can operate with impunity. This also involves the newly created Danish Agency DIA, which is the agency created by the Danish government, out of a merger of Danadopt and AC Denmark. Why? Because of the Ethiopian… Read more »

Court orders adopted Kenyan children taken away from foreign couples

Source: By GAKUU MATHENGE Updated Sunday, August 16th 2015 The High Court has stopped two Swedish couples and a Danish couple from taking three Kenyan children out of the country. This was after it was discovered that the minors were not abandoned orphans but had families. Consequently, the court ordered the adoption proceedings stopped… Read more »

Uncertain future for parents with disabilities

Source: (translation from Danish) April 13, 2015 The new principled judgment on forced adoption of a daughter from her brain-damaged mother. The Department is concerned about the future for parents with disabilities. The High Court has chosen to affirm the District Court’s decision in a case of a brain-damaged mother and her daughter by which… Read more »