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La conseillère du centre d’adoption faisait du trafic de bébés

Source:\ Date: 2004-04-20 Les policiers malgaches ont démantelé un réseau de trafiquants d’enfants en arrêtant une vieille dame chez qui ils ont découvert 11 bébés destinés à l’adoption à l’étranger, faux papiers à l’appui. Cette Malgache septuagénaire travaillait comme conseillère dans un centre d’adoption et se faisait passer pour la grand-mère des enfants. Elle… Read more »

France admits having adopted 73 Romanian children

Source: 17 february 2004 The French Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman made public a declaration to explain France’s position taken in respect to the scandal on international adoptions in Romania, a scandal caused by a European parliamentarian.

Un réseau d’adoption illégale à Madagascar, à destination de la France

Source: Date: 2004-01-01 Trafic d’enfant et adoption AMADEA, ONG fondée en 1986, Organisme Autorisé pour l’Adoption (OAA) habilité pour Madagascar depuis 1990 et membre de la Fédération française des OAA (FOAA), s’est trouvé confronté et attaqué de front par de ce qui semble être un réseau d’adoption illégale dans la région de Toamasina (Tamatave)… Read more »

Rwandan children to stay in Italy

Source: BBC Tuesday, 14 November, 2000, 23:21 GMT Many Rwandan children were evacuated to Europe An Italian priest has rejected demands by the Rwandan Government to have 41 children adopted in Italy after the 1994 genocide sent back home. The priest, Don Roberto Lombardi who organised the adoption said that the children had been legally… Read more »

Officials Demand Return Of Children

Source: Wednesday, August 16, 2000        Rwanda has called for international assistance in securing the return of some 30,000 children who were flown out of the country during the 1994 genocide, BBC Online reports.

Romanian orphans provokes storm in Parliament

Source: Ziarul de Iasi GOOGLE TRANSLATION Publication date: 07/04/2000 The problem is institutionalized children, in terms of international public opinion, one of the “print heads” when it is Romania. Ten years are still talking about the disastrous situation of institutionalized children in Romania, and in these years, the situation not only not imbuntatit, but it… Read more »

Vietnam jails baby smugglers

Source: Friday, 31 March, 2000, 12:50 GMT 13:50 UK A court in the northern Vietnamese province of Ninh Binh has sentenced 12 people for their roles in selling children for foreign adoption. The leader of the ring, Vu Tien Manh, a senior official in the provincial Justice Department, received the longest term, of four… Read more »

El Salvador’s Stolen Children Face a War’s Darkest Secret

Source: New York Times By LARRY ROHTER Published: August 5, 1996 He was only 5 when he saw his mother and younger brother killed and the soldiers took him away to their base in a helicopter. She was just 6 when she was separated from her parents during a bombing raid and delivered to an… Read more »

Baby-trade gangs face global curbs

Source: Date: 1995-03-20 LEONARD DOYLE The Independent In Moscow last year, Laura Binkley, a Canadian aged 36 who was employed by an unlicensed US adoption firm, the Adam Children’s Fund International, was murdered for the takings of her safe. In the safe was between $2,000 ( pounds 1,300), according to her employers, and $40,000, according… Read more »

Booming Polish Market: Blond, Blue-Eyed Babies

Source: New York Times By GABRIELLE GLASER, Published: Sunday, April 19, 1992 Poland’s opening to Western market forces has brought an unexpected side effect: a booming traffic in the country’s blond, blue-eyed babies. Since the fall of Communism two years ago, Western embassies in Warsaw have reported a striking rise in the number of residence… Read more »