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Bir de sange: adoptiile internationale

Source: 11 July 2006 George DAMIAN Exportul de copii din Romania catre pietele occidentale a fost demarat in 1994, cand a fost adoptata legea 84/1994 care facea posibile astfel de tranzactii. In acelasi an au fost exportati 2000 de copii. In urmatorii ani numarul copiilor romani adoptati de cetateni ai statelor occidentale a scazut,… Read more »


Source: SPINOSA EXAMINED THE QUESTION “ROMANIA” Nov 11 2006 – In Brussels took place on November 9 an important meeting proposed by French MEPs Jean Marie Cavada and Claire Gibault. The meeting is the following question raised by the mobilization of our coordination, coordination with other families across Europe and the U.S. (see in… Read more »

Renault’s children

Source: Ziua Link no longer works. Alternative link Ziua, Nov 11 2006  (Google translation from Romanian) Romania is again under pressure to reopen the tap with children for international adoptions. This time the pressure comes from Brussels – the same place where three years ago Baroness Emma Nicholson called for the restriction of adoptions…. Read more »

Free circulation of orphans

Source: 18 Oct 2006 Oana Christmas Lobby the Euro-parliamentarians to resume international adoptions used as an argument to free movement within EU of persons, goods, and “why not?”, The orphans. Delegation official visit in Brussels, made up of MEPs Claire Gibault and Jean-Marie Cavada (photo) and a team of journalists, ended yesterday with a… Read more »

Les europarlementaires Claire Gibault et Jean-Marie Cavada constatent des progrès ’’énormes’’ dans les centres d’accueil pour les orphelins

Source: La protection de l’enfant en Roumanie, les orfelinats et les adoptions en 2006 Bucarest, 18 oct/Rompres/ – Les europarlementaires français Claire Gibault et Jean-Marie Cavada qui se trouvent en Roumanie pour se renseigner en ce qui concerne la question des enfants orphelins et celle des adoptions internationales d’enfants roumains se sont déclarés impressionnés… Read more »

Des Orphelins roumains Une affaire de millions d’euros

(un exposé sur Francois de Combret et son lobby pour les adoptions internationales) Publication: “Saptamana Financiara” (“The Financial Weekly”) Date:lundi October 9, 2006 Type: Investigation / Front page lead Auteur: Robert Veress Image from double page spread (P.4/5)   Nombre d’organisations européennes font un lobby puissant pour la reprise des adoptions internationales Introduction Ce n’est… Read more »

Romania’s orphans – millions of euro at stake

Source: Pound Pup Legacy from: October 9, 2006 Many European organizations involved in a forceful lobby for the resumption of international adoptionsIt isn’t charity, it is business. The European Parliament’s resolution – adopted on the 10th of July 2006 and signed by 407 MEPs that asked the Romanian Government to authorize international adoptions for… Read more »

Interpol search for Romanian children adopted abroad

Source: 29 September 2006 Oana Craciun, Cristina Hurdubaia Romanian investigators have asked Interpol to help pick out of children sent abroad for adoption instead of others.

Prosecutor takes to money in international adoptions

Source: Curierul National 16 August 2006 Google translation: Prosecutor takes to change international adoptions Be the first to Comment on Article Prosecutor takes on international adoptions change » Scandal caused by the following two years, the statement that Emma Nicholson inculpate tolerance illegal international adoptions by Romanian authorities reached again in actuality: the Romanian Office… Read more »

Romania – 31 children disappeared abroad

Source: Ziarul de Iasi AUTOR: CARMEN MAFTEI DATA PUBLICARII: 27/06/2006 Potrivit Oficiului Roman pentru Adoptii, 31 de orfani ieseni luati de familii din strainatate sint disparuti fara urma. „Despre cei 31 de copii insa nu stim nimic“, ne-a spus si Pintilii Penciuc. Unii dintre acesti copii au fost adoptati dupa ce adoptiile internationale au fost… Read more »