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One billion dollars from export of Children

Source: 27 July 2006 Oana Christmas The old system of international adoption, practiced until 2004, has put more than one billion euros in the pockets of those who have intermediate leaving children Romans in foreign countries. Nearly 30,000 Romanian children were adopted internationally in 1990 till the end of 2004, when he entered into… Read more »

Export of children, a perverse business

Source: Although the private orphanages are audited by the state, the union that the Icbf asked to be removed. Pius Alvaro Fernandez | El Pais   16 june 2006 Some private orphanages in Colombia will be profit sectors through bonds of economic assistance donated by international agencies. The cumbersome paperwork and time. The recent Constitutional… Read more »

Campaign against Romania and pressure to resume international adoption

Source: Date: 2006-06-13 Correspondence in Luxembourg from Carmen Dinu – The lobby knew of the European Parliament, led by Claire Gibault and Jean Marie Cavada, and are composed of deputies to the first mandate, which favor the resumption of international adoptions in Romania, in contradiction with a previous decision European institutions, is the pressure… Read more »

El Salvador’s kidnaped children search for their parents

Source: Kairosphotos Date: 2006-01-01 By Paul Jeffrey Response magazine Marina Dolores Ortiz spent 17 years worrying she had lost her family. Yet she kept on searching, not knowing that her mother was simultaneously looking for her. When they finally came together, it was an emotional moment.

Madagascar tries to clean up corrupt adoption

Source: 21 December 2005 ANTANANARIVO – After two years of intense lobbying and longing, Pascale and Rayonde Segalen were finally ready to take their newly adopted daughter home from Madagascar. The French couple first found Sarah when she was just a few weeks old, after she had been abandoned and left at an orphanage… Read more »

Nachwuchs auf Bestellung

Source: 2005  08. Dezember Kinder aus Haiti werden gern von Ausländern adoptiert. Inzwischen ist das ein Geschäft geworden Klaus Ehringfeld PORT-AU-PRINCE. Seit mehr als zwei Wochen sitzt Isabel Loth in einem Hotel in Haitis Hauptstadt Port-au-Prince und wartet sehnsüchtig auf ein Stück Papier. Die 39-jährige Physiotherapeutin aus Frankreich ist seit kurzem Mutter zweier haitianischer… Read more »

Madagascar, trafic d’enfants

Source: Date: 2005-11-29 Volés, vendus pour être adoptés par des étrangers: ce commerce sordide combattu par les autorités malgaches peut-il cesser ? On peut hélas en douter car la demande d’adoption, légitime, alimente tous les contournements de la loi.

Adoptii Internationale Cu Substituire De Copii

Source: Date: 2005-10-20 Au fost infiati de parinti straini, dar nu au ajuns niciodata la ei. 33 de copii romani care au primit sentinta definitiva de adoptie internationala au ramas in tara. Pina in prezent, autoritatile confirma ca, in cel putin doua dintre cazuri, in locul lor au fost trimisi alti copii.

After Americans, the French ask for resumption of international adoptions

Source: Adevarul Data: 27 apr 2005 Nearly 9,000 children were abandoned in 2004, or in maternity hospitals in Romania, who estimated France. Vice President of Organization France, Francois de Combret, said, according to an article published in “Le Figaro”, as the number of children abandoned in Romania “remains as strong as during the Ceausescu.” A… Read more »

Les dossiers d’adoption français bientôt débloqués

Source: Date: 2005-04-16 LA LETTRE DE L’OCEAN INDIEN – 16/04/2005 MADAGASCAR Le gouvernement du premier ministre Jacques Sylla s’est fixé comme priorité de débloquer, avant la venue de Jacques Chirac à Antananarivo en juillet 2005 pour le sommet de la Commission de l’Océan indien (COI), les dossiers en suspend d’adoption d’enfants malgaches par environ 150 familles françaises. (…)