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Girls seized, handed over for adoption

Source: Foreign families paid officials and orphanages Fiona Tam Jul 02, 2009 About 80 newborn baby girls from a county in Guizhou have been confiscated from their parents by family planning officials since 2001 and handed over to foreign adoptive parents as orphans at a price of US$3,000 each, state media reported. Struggling farmers… Read more »

Broken, broken by the “Adoption Mafia’

De Telegraaf, 2 June 2007 The scandal around fifty illegally adopted Indian children is only the tip of the iceberg. Only in recent months similar practices came to light in Sri Lanka and Nepal, where hundreds of children are being channeled for big money to Western (probably Dutch) adoptive parents, pedophile rings and possibly even… Read more »

‘OM moet eigen onderzoek doen in adoptiezaken’

door Jolande van der Graaf Telegraaf, 28 mei 2007 AMSTERDAM – Het openbaar ministerie dient een diepgravend onderzoek te openen naar mogelijke strafbare praktijken door adoptiebureau Meiling en naar de rol van justitieambtenaren in het schandaal rond de Indiase kinderen. Dat zeggen strafrechtdeskundigen die de zaak op verzoek van De Telegraaf hebben bestudeerd. Minister Hirsch… Read more »

Tamil Nadu is home to adoption rackets and child-labour gangs

Source: CHENNAI, FEBRUARY 15 2007 : • When E Kathirvel and Nagarani, pavement- dwellers in Pulianthope, woke up on an October morning in 1999, they found their 18 month-old son Sateesh missing. On May 3, 2005, police located the boy. But he had been legally adopted by the Bisessars, a Dutch couple, who had named… Read more »

El Salvador’s kidnaped children search for their parents

Source: Kairosphotos Date: 2006-01-01 By Paul Jeffrey Response magazine Marina Dolores Ortiz spent 17 years worrying she had lost her family. Yet she kept on searching, not knowing that her mother was simultaneously looking for her. When they finally came together, it was an emotional moment.

Say: Bye bye Korea, until later, when I have grown up

Source: (Translated from Dutch) Eun-mi Postma – 04/04/03, 00:00 About four thousand South Korean children have been adopted over the last 35 years by Dutch couples, but last week the last batch adoptive babies left for Schiphol. Although South Korea is prosperous now, because of the rigid social conventions still many children are available… Read more »

Baby Trail Is Leading Couples To Peru By SHIRLEY CHRISTIAN Published: August 16, 1990 THEY attract attention on the sidewalks of the Miraflores and San Isidro neighborhoods of Lima – foreign men and women in jeans and jogging outfits, pushing newborn infants in strollers as passers-by stop to ooh and aah. Thousands of miles from home in the United States, Canada… Read more »

An Angry Doctor Battles a Gruesome Black Market in Asian Children

Date: 1981-12-07 Source:,,20080865,00.html In nearly a decade of treating the destitute in the slums of Bangladesh and Calcutta, British physician Jack Preger has witnessed more than a lifetime of misery and squalor. His patients are the homeless who scavenge for shelter in any dark corner, the helpless ridden with disease and the hopeless who can… Read more »