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A tussle in Andhra Pradesh

Date: 2005-05-21 Source: A tussle in Andhra Pradesh RAVI SHARMA in Hyderabad In Andhra Pradesh, the first State to ban voluntary agencies from placing children in adoption, the government is under tremendous pressure to reverse the situation. P.V. SIVAKUMAR A protester belonging to the Progressive Organisation for Women grappling with women police personnel outside… Read more »

Babies-for-sale trade faces a global crackdown

Source: Guardian Date: 2004-11-21 Attempts by Western families to adopt children from poor nations have fuelled a rogue market in young lives. But at last action is being taken. Carolyn Wheeler reports from Lviv, Ukraine

Ending the Child Export Business

by Razvan Amariei 3 May 2004 A proposed new law to limit international adoptions will give the European Union exactly what it wants, and the United States precisely what it doesn’t. BUCHAREST, Romania–Five months ago, when the European Union threatened to suspend accession negotiations with Romania over the country’s breach of an EU-imposed moratorium on… Read more »

A Challenge in India Snarls Foreign Adoptions

Source: By RAYMOND BONNER Published: June 23, 2003 HYDERABAD, India, June 16— Sharon Van Epps remembers the day she first held Haseena, with her rich black hair and dark eyes. The baby, just beginning to walk, did not make a sound, just held on to her tightly. ”I felt like something I’d been missing… Read more »

Nobody’s Children – Wanted: Babies

Read the original article here. Jim Rankin, Tanya Talaga and Leslie Papp investigated adoption practices in Canada and around the world. PHOTOGRAPHY BY JIM RANKIN/TORONTO STAR The Toronto Star Sep. 29, 2001. 02:14 AM Murky, lucrative and fraught with uncertainty, foreign adoption can bring great happiness – along with heartbreak and tears [CAPTION] GONE: Irene Lopez… Read more »

Greece’s Black-Market Babies Come Home

This article was published on 22.09.1996 in the Seattle Times. Stolen Children Demand To Know Their Histories. ATHENS, Greece – Forty-one years ago a frightened Greek child of 5, stolen from her mother, landed in America to begin a new life.

El Salvador’s Stolen Children Face a War’s Darkest Secret

Source: New York Times By LARRY ROHTER Published: August 5, 1996 He was only 5 when he saw his mother and younger brother killed and the soldiers took him away to their base in a helicopter. She was just 6 when she was separated from her parents during a bombing raid and delivered to an… Read more »

All I ever did was arrange adoptions for mothers who would otherwise have had an abortion. What’s wrong with that?

Source: The Independent John Davies’s supporters call him the Indiana Jones of adoption. His critics call him a baby trader. Leonard Doyle reports Leonard Doyle / Liz Searle Tonight in dozens of nurseries across Europe and North America, parents will look lovingly down at their adopted children and thank their lucky stars for meeting John Davies…. Read more »

Booming Polish Market: Blond, Blue-Eyed Babies

Source: New York Times By GABRIELLE GLASER, Published: Sunday, April 19, 1992 Poland’s opening to Western market forces has brought an unexpected side effect: a booming traffic in the country’s blond, blue-eyed babies. Since the fall of Communism two years ago, Western embassies in Warsaw have reported a striking rise in the number of residence… Read more »