ACT fully depends on private funding.

Bank transfers can be made to:

Against Child Trafficking
Bank account 67 26 82 060
IBAN: NL41 INGB 0672 6820 60


In US Dollars:


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  1. [...] The people at Against Child Trafficking (ACT) are in need of help. Running a non-profit organization is a costly venture, and they rely entirely on private funding. That means donations from people like you and me. Please, please consider helping them out, even if just a little. Every single dollar or euro helps. Against Child Trafficking is an international non profit organisation, registered in the Netherlands. ACT’s main focus is the prevention of child trafficking for intercountry adoption. ACT advocates child rights based social policies that are in compliance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which is the universal standard and the best safeguard against child trafficking. Click here to donate to ACT [...]

  2. [...] “Do not worry about the children. They will forget you. You will think about them, but they will not think about you.” — DanAdopt The organization Against Child Trafficking (ACT) are following Masho’s case, and working to have her reunited with her natural parents. You can follow their Facebook page Operation Masho—Reunite Masho with her Ethiopian family. You can also help support ACT by donating through their webpage. [...]