France admits having adopted 73 Romanian children

17 february 2004
The French Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman made public a declaration
to explain France’s position taken in respect to the scandal on
international adoptions in Romania, a scandal caused by a European

The Moratorium adopted by Romanian authorities on international
adoptions “urged by France and the EU” “doesn’t exclude regulating, on a
case to case basis, of the files presented before the Moratorium coming
into force” – says the spokesman. “The 73 children were adopted by
French families under this procedure. These adoptions had been decided
by, taking into account, above all, the interest of the adopted children
and the procedures were carried out after careful examination by
Romanian authorities and careful examinations in France.”

The same declaration states that international adoptions can be, in
certain cases and in under control, “the best solution for the child”,
and urged Romania to adopt the necessary legislation to ensure child
protection so that international adoptions could be allowed again.

France developed good cooperation with Romania in the field of
children’s protection and took part to EU programs for which it has sent
experts to Romania.