An Ethiopian Girl Child Perplexes her European Adopters

Date: Tuesday, November 13 @ 00:05:00 GMT
Topic: Main News

The First learned German Words she has ever uttered were “Where is Mama? Where is Baba? I want my family.”

The Austrian TV Show titled “Tima” recently presented has disclosed a new chapter of the tragedy lived by the children  trafficked from their home countries to Europe in some cases for humanitarian reasons and in most for trade.

The story of the Ethiopian girl child, Scadra, who has been  granted the Austrian nationality in 2004,  has struck the emotions of the program audience.

Scadra was sold to an Austrian family for adoption against the sum of 10,000 Euro.

The tragic story began when the said Austrian family employed an   organization named “A Family for You” to provide her with a child for adoption against a price and the struck deal had been honored.
Nevertheless, the prosperous material living secured for Scadra by the adopters did not succeed in making her forget the warmth of the emotional life that she could have, otherwise, enjoyed among her true African family.
Strikingly, upon learning German, the first words she delivered were “Where is Mama? Where is Baba? I want my family.”

Interacting with the said TV Show, the adopting mother, over her tears, said it was difficult for her and her husband to make the child accept them as her natural family, notwithstanding all the luxuries, love and kindness they had availed for her. According to her,  Scadra had been adamant on her demand to go back to her Ethiopian home.

Consequently, and in the absence of any other sound option, the Austrian family decided to abandon the Adoption Documents and return Scadra to the Organization that had delivered her for adoption.

Incidentally, at the time of the presentation of Scadra tragedy on the Austrian TV, another tragedy had been under cover in Africa  where a French Organization has been detected as attempting  to kidnap and deport to Europe over one hundred Sudanese and Chadian kids from refugees camp under a humanitarian pretext.

The question that poses itself is how to protect the dignity and humanity of the dire poor kids in the camps against the lust of criminals for money.