Informal Translation:

03-12-2010 • SP-Parlementarian Nine Kooiman and SP-europarlementarian Dennis de Jong want clarity about the news that the European Commission tries to get more power at the expense of adoptive children. A Romanian quality paper revealed today that the European Commission put pressure on researches in order to conclude that there is a need for a European Adoption Agency, while the underlying research did not support that conclusion.  Kooiman: ‘We all know the desire for more means and more power of the European Commission, but to use the problems around adoption for this, I would find horrible. Especially adoptive children deserve extra protection and carefulness.’

Nine KooimanIn the past scandals with adoptions have been the reason why Romania stopped intercountry adoptions.  Now there would be attempts to force Romania to reopen their borders for adoption=. The rumours about the establishment of a European adoption policy exists since longer.  Kooiman: ‘I have recently asked a few critical questions about that [sic: to the Dutch Government] but these have not yet been answered.  But the today’s revelations are going further than what I already suspected.’

The SP does not support to stimulate intercountry adoptions at European level, because the starting point must be that children grow up as much as possible in their original environment.  On top of that, adoption from abroad is a vulnerable process.  Kooiman: ‘If it is true that the European Commission manipulates research results, we have a problem. Nog only because it isunacceptable that researches are being modified so that Europe can get more powers. But especially because it concerns here vulnerable children. The interest of the child must come first, not the interest of the European Commission. 

Kooiman handed in Written Questions to the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and the Secretary of State for Justice, who is responsible for adoptions.