Judith Kilshaw: Internet adoption scandal woman now wants IVF at 57!

Source: http://www.parentdish.co.uk  
by Kelly Rose Bradford Jan 28th 2011

CategJudith KilshawWho could forget the Kilshaws? Solicitor husband Alan and his wife Judith, who, in 2001 BOUGHT mixed race twins from a ‘baby broker’ in the US for £8,200, and then went on the run from UK social services.

The babies were eventually returned to the US, where a judge branded the Kilshaws ‘media obsessed’ and with no interest in the children’s welfare.

A decade on, and Judith Kilshaw is back in the news. Having divorced husband Alan, she has gone on to marry her toy-boy lover, Steven Sillett, 13 years her junior. And now she wants to ‘cement’ their relationship with a baby.

Speaking to the Daily Mail – and bizarrely pictured with her new husband AND her ex – Judith reveals she wants to go to Italy to undergo IVF.

Alan, Judith says is still very much part of her life. ‘We’re all here together. It’s an absolutely unique situation’, she says. Indeed – for it was Alan who gave her away at her wedding to Steve, and together they are claiming damages from Flintshire County Council over what they brand the ‘unlawful’ removal of their adopted daughters.

Following the case, Alan – then a solicitor – was struck off by The Law Society. The couple claim the furore led to the breakdown of their marriage and had a detrimental affect on their health.

‘I want £1million for me and the same for Alan,’ Judith tells the Mail, also revealing she does not ‘miss’ the twin girls she had to give up, saying simply ‘time has moved on’ and ‘there’s no point in missing them’.

Of her IVF plans Judith says: ‘It’s getting later and later. I think it would be nice to cement our relationship.’