Russia may impose moratorium on child adoption for US

Posted: Sun Dec 11 2011, 16:50 hrs Moscow:

Russia’s ombudsman for child rights, Pavel Astakhov, said on Saturday he did not rule out that a moratorium for adoption of Russian children by U.S. citizens may be imposed.

“It is not ruled out that after the joint activities with the Prosecutor-General’s office, the Foreign Ministry and the Education Ministry we will propose to impose a temporary moratorium on adoption of our children and their transportation to America until the concluded agreement is ratified,” he said after the meeting with Prosecutor-General Yuri Chaika.

The United States “demonstrates inability to fulfil its obligations to our children who are taken to America,” he said.

According to the most modest estimates, around 100,000 Russian children have already been adopted by American parents.

“In this situation ratification of the agreement between America and Russia can be postponed, as there are no real actions taken by the United States,” he said.