From 1988 a child trafficking network operated in Jalisco, would have given 240 in illegal adoption

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Tricked for $ 3000, extremely poor mothers signed the transfer of custody of their childrenGreat business that corrupts authorities; Find Foundation estimates there are 500,000 missing

Sanjuana Martinez

La Jornada
Sunday December 16, 2012, p. 15

In return for 3000 pesos, Elisa Chavez Garcia lent her child born a month before for 15 days to participate in an advertising campaign against abortion. She never imagined that the document signed ceded custody of the child to a couple in Ireland for the start of a process of adoption.

I did not know, we were misled. Never thought that it was all lies , says in a tone of regret Elisa, single mother of 21 years, in extreme poverty, who was elected with 10 other mothers in a similar situation a national and international network of illegal adoptions, the structure continues to operate with impunity in Mexico, according to Juan Manuel Estrada complaint Juarez, president of the Foundation Find, an organization dedicated to finding missing and stolen children.

It is a national network of child trafficking. Most adoptions of these children is not for people of Jalisco and Colima. They are adopted by people of Nayarit, Mexico state, Chihuahua, Tijuana … and foreigners from different countries, who come to Colima to do the processing. At this time, Colima is paradise of illegal adoptions by lax laws , said in an interview.

Nobody knows exactly how many missing children are there in Mexico, but Juarez Estrada believes may be more than 500,000. For each, he notes, a foreigner pay from 500 thousand to $ 700 thousand, and a half a million Mexican pesos.

Not being a federalized crime and there is no coordination between the attorneys general of the various states, it is very difficult to know the number. When a child is lost if the agency goes missing until it is determined that it was stolen. There manipulation of figures and statistics are not reliable, we do not know how many have been stolen, how many came for granted voluntary absence. Adoptions are legal in form, but in the background are not illegal and is being investigated because it represents a great deal for corrupt officials , said this man, who has devoted most of his life to defending the rights of children.

With love, adoption is the best option for both. Yes to life, no to abortion , says the alleged mailer campaign for which the 11 mothers provided their children with ages ranging from months to two years.

The contracts are in the name of Laura Talamantes Fabiola Carranza, who gave his son Alejandro Raul Carranza Talamantes; Cecila Vazquez Diaz, Camila gave Velazquez, Elisa Chavez Garcia, Alejandro Chavez Angel Garcia. Also, on behalf of minors Cristian Gonzalez Guillermo Montes, two months Eduardo Niño Hernandez of five months Yaret Camila, eight months Chacez Angel Garcia, two months, and Brillet Naidedin Mendoza Esparza, six months.

Catchers identified

The enganchadoras were Silvia Lizeth Guadalupe Guadalupe Soto and Forests Montaño. Both came to the colony stay, one of the poorest in Guadalajara, to choose to babies and their mothers. The document signed ceded custody, advertising for work , the law firm Lopez y Lopez Asociados, represented by Carlos Lopez Valenzuela and his son, Carlos Lopez Moreno who, in turn, delivered under the supervision of the nanny Mary Carmen Muñoz Quiñones.

The Children were concentrated at Posada del Marqués, where lawyers who got Lopez decided, based on their appearance and health. Then they were taken to hotel Suites Moravia for delivery to the Irish: Hence, to avoid suspicion, they were taken to Chapala, Ajijic specifically, where two houses were in permanent income. Finally moved to babies and the Irish to Colima to complete the formalities of the adoption, hence traveling to Mexico before returning to Ireland , says Estrada Juarez complaint filed with the authorities against the association Colima for pregnant women helplessness and Family Life (VIFAC), for his alleged involvement in the incident.

The children were found by the authorities of Jalisco when they were with Irish couples: Michael and Anne Marie Maguire, Martina Alan and Mulvey, Eamonn and Karen Byrne, Daragh and Geraldine McCann, Brendan and Caroline Kavanagh, and Blanaid Ciaran Carey, Paul Francis and Elaine Bridget O’Brian, Cathal and Siobhan Temple, John Thomas and Mary Compton Ciara, and Briugid ABROSE McGowan, Sinead and John Christopher Scott and Mark Joseph and Grainne Buckley.

The trafficking of children for illegal adoption network was finally discovered last January: the children were detained and eight Mexicans who worked as operaters were captured, but those intellectually and financially guilty of child trafficking, involving the Irish, officials of the registrar, judges and the attorneys Lopez and Lopez, are still on the run.

There has been no justice , says lawyer Yuri Marquez Find Foundation. ” They waranted 11 mothers of 11 children, they began to make inquiries and initially the attorney general of Jalisco presented them as indicted, rather than victims. As if they had intended to sell their children, they had them as perpetrators of the crime of trafficking, but after several errands vent and that the Deputy Attorney Specialized Investigation of Organized Crime (Seido) attracted research, we found that they were victims of a hoax. For moms who live in extreme poverty, provide for their children in exchange for an amount that went from 3000 to 10,000 pesos was a very big opportunity, because sometimes they have nothing to eat. ”

National Network

I want to forget everything. My son was taken away when he was a month and give me seven months. Imagine how I feel , says Elisa Chavez Garcia while stroking Angel Alejandro, who was detained by authorities in Jalisco for delivery to the Hospicio Cabañas; recently was returned to his mother.

I do not know anything about it, and I have the most important thing, which is my child and my nephews and Dana Karen Carranza Raul Talamantes. It took a long time because they did entregárnoslos DNA testing to see if they were our children, and then we did studies to see if we could have them. We suffered a lot , he says.

Juan Manuel Estrada Juarez said they discovered that adoptions were first made in the register of Zapopan: Everything was checked and we filed complaints in Jalisco and Colima, but at federal research Seido not advance. First put illegal adoptions exposed internationally and are now denouncing the network operates by two judges in the state of Colima to carry them out through VIFAC, who was appointed by the government as guardians substitutes, that figure is not covered in law and no progress reports. We are in limbo. We have the financial guilty and it is not possible at this point they have not frozen their accounts and have done other research to find them .

According to court documents, he has had access to La Jornada, in the state of Colima has been colimenses adoptions in the last five years, which means that all that have been made ??are under other states of the Republic.

According to Find Foundation research, this particular network working since 1988 and subtracted five children every six months, which means that about 240 children have been adopted out illegal Mexicans.

Yuri Marquez For more suspect is that the attorney of Jalisco at first did not want to accept that it was a child trafficking ring: They argued that it was an income of children, not a sale, but we force them to recant and admit the crime . The point is obvious: we have an office in charge of promoting a network of Mexican children for adoption in other countries in return for a payment, a national network that still works. There are laws, the problem is that they move stratospheric amounts of money and the corrupt officials .