MP suggests returning adopted children back to Kazakhstan

Monday, 05.08.2013, 10:43

Kazakhstan Senate deputy Gani Kassymov has suggested to return all the children adopted by foreign citizens back to Kazakhstan, STV channel reports.

According to the senator, the country is capable of creating normal conditions for its orphans. He also reminded that her colleagues called to ban adoption of Kazakhstan children by foreign citizens altogether.

“We have seen several cases when children from CIS (Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine) were adopted by American citizens and later reported dead. Some use the adopted children for organs, some kids are left without proper care and some just run away. This should be considered a treachery,” Kassymov said.

All the cases of inappropriate behavior of the adoptive parents should be studies and we should do everything to get the Kazakhstan children back to their home country, he continued.

“Children don’t understand what’s going on with them, but what we do is we just give them away. What? We are a rich country fueled by oil dollars. Can’t we provide for 10 thousand little citizens of ours, threat them with care and provide state support? This is disgraceful,” Kassymov said.

According to Kazakhstan Education Ministry, foreigners have adopted around 9 thousand children in Kazakhstan over the past 14 years.

Earlier English reported that an American couple is accused in the U.S. of raping two children adopted from Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry filed an inquiry to the U.S. asking to provide details of the case.