Adoption ‘Orphanage’ Preet Mandir

Since last 10 years Preet Mandir has been under suspicion of sourcing children from poor families and selling children for intercountry adoptions.

Advait Foundation from Mumbai & Sakhee from Pune filed a Criminal Writ Petitions against Preet Mandir in Mumbai High Court and High Court recently ordered CBI to reinvestigate, as a previous investigation had proven to be faulty and incomplete.  The order of reinvestigation was challenged by Preet Mandir in the Supreme Court of India and the same was dismissed, precipitating in continuing the reinvestigation in unearthing the crimes committed by Preet Mandir.

On 7 March 2011 six persons were charged with criminal conspiracy for child trafficking.

The six accused are

  • former managing trustee of Preet Mandir Joginder Bhasin (72),
  • his wife Mahinder Bhasin (68),
  • son Gurpreet Singh (43),
  • Superintendent of Vasudev Babaji Navrange Balakashram of Pandharpur Vasudev Gangadhar Darshane (60),
  • social worker associated with Preetmandir’s Kalyaninagar unit Chandrashekar Admane (40) and
  • chairman of Child Adoption Resource Agency (CARA) Janindrakumar Mittal (55).


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