Arun Dohle: my history & current work

31 December 2013

It´s a long story- the beginning of my [Arun Dohle’s] work.

As many adoptees I started to search for my roots and at the end was left with no other option then filing a case in the Indian courts.

That´s how I learned that adoption is not about what is “good” for children, but rather protects the interests of agencies and adults. Laws and regulations meant to protect citizens, children and society are not followed at all.
I bet, if my orphanage would have given me the identifying information of my mother in 1993 and had facilitated that I could reconnect with her, I never ever I would have started to work and fight for adoptee’s rights, children´s rights and against child trafficking.

It´s interesting here in this video, to listen to my adoptive father.

What irks me lately a lot, is that my adoptive parents financially support my work for other adoptees, whereas the adoptive parents of these adoptees refuse any substantial financial support for the roots searches of the children they adopted.

Is that how it should be?