Adoption Lobby Alert: EU Funding for CORAM

Grants under the Fundamental Rights and Citizenship programme
386.205,58 Euro for CORAM:

Unlocking Children’s Rights: Strengthening the capacity of professionals in the EU to fulfill the rights of vulnerable children

So, what is CORAM’s expertise? ADOPTION

CORAM has a long history in the UK.  Recently the European Parliament’s Petition Committee  announced an investigation in the child snatching scandal, after having heard a dramatic outcry in the name of parents whose children were taken for adoption by the UK Social Services.


But now the EU is funding CORAM  for exporting the UK practices to professionals in the EU?

Listen to this Member of the UK Parliament, who explains what the UK system means:


ADOPTION LOBBY ALERT is an initiative of Against Child Trafficking. We are closely monitoring the Adoption Industry.

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