Adoption Lobby Alert: Bye Bye DI-campaign

We’ve know it all along. But now there is a serious study that confirms it. The whole De-Institutionalisation campaign, to close ALL residential care, is a SCAM.

It’s the European version of the ‘Children in Adversity Initiative’. Goal: adoptable children. Of course noboday says so, but the hidden agenda is well visible.

We, at ACT, have known it all along, but here it got confirmed:

Maybe Orphanages Aren’t So Bad After All, Study Says

This study is a lot more serious than the one the Adoption Lobby (watch as of 6 minutes) did: the Bucharest Early Intervention Project (BEIP). BEIP did just ‘study’ the children from ONE institution in Bucharest. It’s a controversial and scientifically contested study, where there are also ethical questions that remain.

But the new study, led by Kathryn Whetten, a Duke professor of public policy and director of the Center for Health Policy and Inequalities Research (CHPIR), and published by PLOSone, is the largest and most geographically and culturally diverse study of its kind. It followed 1,300 kids, aged six to 15 who were in institutions and 1,400 kids who were in family care in Cambodia, Ethiopia, India, Kenya and Tanzania. Researchers kept watch on such measures as the kids’ physical health, emotional difficulties, growth, learning ability and memory.

The new study comes with a much more balanced view and Kathryn Whetten in this speech, at the Christian Orphan Coalition, warns for the US Action for Children in Adversity to NOT measure progress in counting how many children left residential care/institutions (at 16 minutes).



In Europe, the De-Institutionalisation (DI) campaign is driven by a few well funded NGOs who lobby the European Union to divert all funding to DI:

– the Brussels based Eurochild and the London (UK) NGO Hope & Homes for Children. Their campaign is called: OPEN DOORS

– and the London (UK) based LUMOS, who is part of the Children in Adversity campaign.