Mircea Badea disclosures. Cristian Burci, owner of Adevarul (Truth) Holding intermediary in the sale of Romanian children in America (VIDEO)

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August 13, 2014 – 23:30
Mircea Badea disclosures. Cristian Burci, owner Truth Holding intermediary in the sale of Romanian children in America (VIDEO)

From 2 minutes onwards in English:

Mircea Badea presented in his show, “The mouth of the press” on Antena 3, a report conducted by reporters 90s 60 Minutes, American channel CBS. The subject of the report: adoptions of children in Romania. Immediately after December 89, open borders brought capitalism in Romania, unfortunately one of the first goods sold were children. A lucrative business, Romania is one of the last sources of adoption Caucasian children.

American reporter with a hidden camera filming a meeting with one of the brokers the sale of children, which he said addressing you directly in hotel lobbies. Easily recognizable images although 20 years have passed, “baby-broker” of the talks to reporter conditions and the price at which a child can be adopted by Cristian Burci, owner of Adevarul (Truth) Holding. As is now selling cars, and then proved qualities Burci was a good negotiator to offer was varied, folded on the wishes of each client, boys or girls at any age. Required between 3,500 and 7,000 dollars, perhaps the poor souls who sell their children get enough to buy a video recorder in high fashion at the time and that cost up to 1000 dollars.

Many kindergartens sold Cristian Burci up became a businessman? Were the children happier? How many live, how many were only organ donors? Burci Cristian’s name was associated with one of the coordinators action against Monica Lovinescu Security, journalist at Radio Free Europe – Major DIE (arrived later general) George Serbanecu officer relation to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and one of the Arabic translators of Ceausescu.

After 1990, George Serbanecu became ambassador to Kuwait, and then devoted himself to business. He was accused of having been one of devalizatorii Bancorex. Business partner with Cristian Burca, Serbanescu was accused he would have protected him because of his relationship to the SIE (Security Service), along with former head of external intelligence, John Talpes.

Former director of SRI, Timofte said some years ago: “I sent numerous notes that warn state institutions, including the flooring, but it took no account of them, because Burci came hand with General (SIE – n. red.) George Serbanescu and block our efforts. (…) Burci was protected by SRI, but the other secret service, hence General Serbanescu. longer come from there and others who protects. “.