Posted by Mbabule Staff On September 04, 2014

The national coordinator prevention of trafficking in persons in the ministry of internal affairs says that the current loopholes in the legal guardianship order policy that facilitates the adoption of people mainly kids under 18 years is among the huge problem the country is facing in fueling increased child adoption by foreigners.

According to Moses Binoga the current policy that is under review among other child protection policies is very weak that it has given more room and chances for traffickers to use it to traffick Ugandan children to western countries with the recent case being one of a one boy in Mukono who is now in the USA with parents now calling for him to be returned after they were duped to sign papers which spelt adoption yet their understanding was extending help to the kid.

Binoga now wants tougher laws that will make it very difficult for those intending to adopt kids from Uganda to go through vigorous steps.
And the executive director, ANPPCAN Ugandan chapter, Anslem Wandega is of the view that special panels to vet the process of adoption and those intending to do so be set right at the grass root since leaders at lower levels are very much vasity with the people and this will also drive out mismanagement in the whole process.

And its upon this matter that parents and guardians are cautioned not to sign paper they don’t understand regarding their children to avoid falling the same trap.