Adoption Lobby Alert: The French to adopt children from American Foster Care

The United States ratified the Hague Adoption Convention in 2008. Against all expectations, American children remained available for intercountry adoptions. Most such adoptions concern newborns who are relinquished by their American mothers directly to foreigners. The Secretary of the Hague Conference, Ms. Jenny Degeling, informed the Dutch authorities that this would be a breach of the subsidiarity principle (any other suitable in-country care comes before intercountry adoption). Nevertheless the US is now the second biggest sending country to the Netherlands, right after China.

Here the 2014 US statistics of outgoing adoptions:

Australia 1
Austria 4
Canada 47
Ireland 3
Mexico 5
Netherlands 31
New Zealand 1
Switzerland 2
United Arab Emirates 1
United Kingdom 1

Total 96

France has now also come to an agreement with the US. Adoptions from the US Federal Foster Care:


“The American children who can be adopted by a French family are children of 6 year and older. In situations of danger, they have been removed from their biological families by the American social services and placed with foster families in the framework of the Federal “Foster Care”.
Applicants for adoption therefore must have been an agreement to adopt an older child or a sibling group.
However, referrals of younger children are not excluded, when it concerns children in care.”

From website French Central Authority = Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

“Les enfants américains susceptibles d’être apparentés à une famille française sont des enfants âgés de 6 ans et plus. En situation de danger, ils ont été retirés à leur famille biologique par les services sociaux américains et placés dans le cadre du programme fédéral « Foster Care » dans des familles d’accueil.
Les postulants à l’adoption doivent donc disposer d’un agrément pour un enfant ou une fratrie d’enfants grands.
Toutefois, des apparentements avec des enfants plus jeunes ne sont pas exclus, dès lors qu’ils s’agit bien d’enfants placés.”

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