Flemish Centre for Adoption approves adoptions from New York

January 15, 2016

Adoptions of children from the United States and specifically the State of New York (US) are possible. The Flemish Centre for Adoption (VCA) approved cooperation between adoption service ‘Little Miracle’ [Kleine Mirakel] and the State of New York.

“The Flemish Centre for Adoption has conducted a thorough investigation and adequate safeguards built into the adoptions comply with the Hague Convention and the Belgian legislation,” states Jo Vandeurzen, Minister of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs. “This is good news for prospective adoptive parents, including for same-sex couples. The legislation allows that they can adopt children from New York. With this we also show that adoption has a future. ”

In December 2014 was by adoption service ‘Little Miracle’ a proposal to allow an adoption co-operation with the United States, particularly in New York State. The Flemish Centre for Adoption research has now been finalized. Last week it was agreed upon this one last time with the Federal Central Authority (FCA) on Adoption, which issued a favorable opinion.

Federal Minister of Justice Koen Geens: “I am excited about the depth and prior consultation FCA and SCC could do on this new channel and welcome the safeguards that have been built in.”

Cooperation in the state of New York is via one adoption service that mediates for children who are abandoned soon after birth by their biological parents. It will usually involve parents in very precarious situations.

It can now be started with five pilot cases. Prospective adoptive parents with a fitness verdict can contact the adoption service. On the website of the Child and Family [Kind en Gezin] there is all the information about the conditions that prospective adoptive parents must meet and the process. Prospective adoptive parents are responsible for all costs incurred in the course of the process, such as the guidance of the mothers through the adoption service, medical care for the birth mother and the legal process.