European Commission’s FVP Frans Timmermans’ knowledge gap






First Vice President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans, responsible for Fundamental Rights, was at the center of the Dutch TV quiz program “De Kwis”. “De Kwis” is a cabaret quiz with lots of humor.
Paul de Leeuw, known for his role in opening up the US for the adoption of newborn children, asked the questions.
The questions were about recent Dutch news.

Timmermans appeared well informed and proudly got all the replies right.

Except this one:

According to [Council for] Youth Protection children should not be raised

• With music from K3
• In another country
• With a father who is always somewhere giving speeches

Timmermans laughed out loud, and said “K3”

Serious… as if he missed that news.

Well , here it is, in case you really missed it  LINK TO SUMMARY


At 24:14