Belgium/Congo ADOPTION FRAUD: Parliamentary Question

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5/05/17 – 13u48 Source: Belga© Belga.

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Why still working with the Congolese Tumaini orphanage and the Belgian-Congolese Julienne Mpemba while Congolese human rights organizations and Interpol already in 2013 possessed information that brought both in connection with the abduction of young children in 2015? That Flemish parliament Lorin Parys (N-VA) wants to know from Minister for Family Jo Vandeurzen (CD & V).

Parys filed Friday in parliament a request for explanation after the news had become known that at least three Congolese “orphans” that were adopted in our country have biological parents in their home country. Those kids came in 2015 in our country through the Tumaini orphanage was run by Julienne Mpemba. They became associated in 2013 with the disappearance and abduction of small children, last year she was arrested in our country but released pending trial.

None of the three children involved live in Flanders, but Flemish parliament member Lorin Parys has a few questions for Minister Vandeurzen on international adoption from Congo. First, he wants to know how many children were adopted through Tumaini and Julienne Mpemba in Flanders.

Parys also wonders how it can be that in 2015 there was collaboration with Tumaini and Mpemba while all information circulating brought both in connection with the abduction of young children. And also: “How could a pilot channel be approved in 2013 when there were suspicions of fraud in the same year?”.

Several years ago Parys found out that the Committee on Monitoring and Consultation, which includes the different adoption services, the Foreign Affairs and brings together prosecutors, did not meet between early 2013 and December 2015, even though it was required by law. Now Parys wonders whether a meeting twice a year, could have provided timely information from Congo to the relevant departments.

“This is not about the issue of new rules, but the implementation of existing rules,” Parys explains to Belga. Simultaneously, at the federal level they speak about a better delimitation of powers between the different services, while the Flemish Parliament works on a new decree intercountry adoption.

Minister Vandeurzen announced that he will answer questions from Parys in the Committee on Welfare, Health and Family of the Flemish Parliament. That committee meets next Tuesday.