Hello Traffickers, Meet the Parents!

20 May 2018

Dear Members of Euradopt,

Since the late 1970s you have met regularly to discuss topics of common concern. This year on 24/25 May in Milan in cooperation with the European Parliament: The Adoption Dilemma.
May we, on behalf of the parents, suggest you discuss how to deal with the outstanding issue of solving these parents’ pain? And, of course, how to re-connect them to their children. Including apologies and financial compensation. For all parties involved.

Here some examples, we have many many more…

Adoptionscentrum Sweden – Board Euradopt

Manufactured Orphans

Believing she was ‘stolen’ and trafficked as an ‘orphan’, Jyothi Svahn goes on a multi-country hunt for her birth family – and uncovers an international adoption industry built on lies, greed and heartbreak.

With the help of ACT, a Swedish adoptee follows the criminal trail to India to unmask the deception behind her adoption story. ACT’s founder Roelie Post explains the pattern on Channel AsiaNews.

Amici dei Bambini AiBi – Italy

THE TRAFFICKERS – The Dark Side of Adoption

By Fusion | November 3, 2016

In this exclusive look at the first episode, Nelufar begins her journey in America, which adopts more children from overseas than all other countries in the world put together. But ominous forces lurk beneath many of these joyful unions.
ACT’s founders Roelie Post and Arun Dohle (on the background) guided Nelufar into the Dark Side of Adoption.
Available on Netflix US and UK.

The Whistleblower from The Netherlands… EU civil servant Roelie Post

Bambini rubati, chiesta ricusazione del Gip «Senza intercettazioni, ha già assolto Aibi»
DOCUMENTI / La Corte d’Appello dovrà ora decidere se il procedimento va affidato a un altro giudice. Il magistrato Sofia Fioretta non aveva concesso l’ascolto delle telefonate di Marco Griffini sostenendo l’assenza di indizi. I legali dei genitori adottivi chiedono di estendere l’inchiesta ad alcuni collaboratori dell’associazione, indicati dalla Procura di Roma quando ha trasmesso il fascicolo alla Direzione distrettuale antimafia di Milano. Le famiglie contestano anche i reati di riduzione in schiavitù dei minori e truffa aggravata.


CIAI Italy – Chair Euradopt

This Indian family spoke out in the documentary “Manufactured Orphans”. Their child is in Italy.

Danish International Adoption (DIA), Denmark – Board Euradopt
17 February 2014 – A 13 year old girl puts a bomb under the adoption system

English subtitles

2008 A Baby Business

Evangelischer Vereign für Adoption und Pflegekinderhilfe e.V. (EVAP) Germany

(Partner orphanage Gelgela exposed)

Source: TAZ

Der verlorene Sohn

Kind en Toekomst (Child and Future) Netherlands

(translated from Dutch)

Political parties want to stop on adoption from Bulgaria

“Control is insufficient and rules are not always followed”

The PvdA, SP, D66 and Christian Union consider that the adoption of children from Bulgaria must stop until further research is done. The Parties shall notify this following the broadcast of Brandpunt Reporter of tonight, in which different stakeholders tell that the adoption procedures in Bulgaria are not always properly followed. Since 2010 more than 80 Bulgarian children came to the Netherlands.

Nobody involved in adoptions in Bulgaria, says to be able to check whether adoptions are governed by the rules. According to those involved, children go abroad while they have family in Bulgaria who wants to take care of them. This is not allowed by the Bulgarian and international adoption laws.

Meiling Netherlands

Indian parents file a police complaint in the Netherlands: kidnapping.
ACT helped these parents with practical and material things. We welcomed them in our homes and hearts.

Sourires d’Enfants-Larisa – Belgium

Source: LeVif
Pourquoi personne n’a pu éviter le drame des enfants volés du Congo
Soraya Ghali Journaliste au Vif/L’Express

Du Le Vif/L’Express du 10/05/18
Il y a pile un an, le quotidien flamand Het Laatste Nieuws révélait que trois enfants
congolais volés à leurs familles biologiques avaient été adoptés en Belgique. En
novembre, le parquet fédéral annonçait un quatrième cas. Le Vif/L’Express est
aujourd’hui en mesure d’affirmer qu’il y en a un cinquième. Au moins. Pourquoi
personne n’a pu éviter ces drames ? Alors que les signaux d’alerte avaient été

Wereldkinderen (NICWO) Netherlands – Secretariat of Euradopt

Children for Sale – Ethiopia

Netherlands – Broadcast Brandpunt KRO – 9 January 2011