Viewers ‘Traceless’ [Spoorloos] in tears through the story of Somna (21)

Source: Libelle
The Romanian Somna (21) was less than 3 years old when she was adopted. In the Spoorloos program, she goes to search her biological mother together with presenter Derek Bolt.

The 21-year-old Somna was a toddler of almost 3 years old when she was adopted from Romania by her Dutch parents Hans and Ritam.

Happy childhood
Somna had a fantastic childhood in the Netherlands. Her adoptive parents did many nice things with her and her brother. Yet her behaviour changed as she grew older. She found it increasingly difficult to attach herself to her Dutch parents because she had little faith in people.

Somna mainly opposed her adoptive mother Ritam and it went from bad to worse. A divorce followed, the children continued to live with their father. The situation got completely out of hand and both Somna and her brother were placed out of the house.

Fortunately, Somna can now get along well with her parents. She does admit to wanting to meet her biological mother in Romania, so she calls in the help of presenter Derek Bolt.

Without permission
During the search for her biological mother, it becomes clear that she was given away without permission. Her mother did not want to give Somna up for adoption. The family has been looking for the little girl for a long time.

Loving reunification
Ana Bot, the mother of Somna, is still devastated by this and thinks it is fantastic that Somna now wants to visit her mother. “I am very happy,” says Ana. Not much later mother and daughter meet. Somna’s father is also present. In short: a beautiful, loving reunification.

Full of emotion
Viewers are deeply impressed and say they cannot keep it dry. “What a story, so full of emotion. How is it possible that a child is simply given away without the parents knowing? Heavy heart”, a viewer writes on Twitter.













What a sadness #spoorloos

22:09 – 16 sep. 2019


What a story, so full emotions. How is it possible that a child is given away without her parents knowing.

Heavy heart #spoorloos #Somna

22:07 – 16 sep. 2019

Saskia Schuuring @saskiatijgertje

Pfffff heavy story about Somna, no wonder that the child completely panicked when she was taken away by her adoptive parents, she knew she had a mama and papa, she was in fact kidnapped. How very sad #spoorloos

22:07 – 16 sep. 2019


Call me weak,  but I am not keeping it dry with such a story. #spoorloos

22:06 – 16 sep. 2019

Roelie Post@roelie_post

I am in tears. #Spoorloos. I was at that childrens’ home in, I think, 2000. A real babyshop. #adoptie #kinderhandel

23:08 – 16 sep. 2019

I want to find like Somna my bio parents, brothers and sisters back… #spoorloos #antiadoptie Straks NPO2 #nieuwlicht #stopinternationaleadoptie #humantrafficking #illegaladoption


22:10 – 16 sep. 2019