Open letter to Minister Dekker: Tony Holten / police

From: ACT<[email protected]>
Date: Sat 13. Jun 2020 at 11:44
Subject: open letter : Tony Holten / police
To: Aldewereld MSc, A.L. – BD/DSenJ <[email protected]>, [email protected]<[email protected]></[email protected]></[email protected]></[email protected]>

Dear Minister Dekker,
Dear Ms. Aldewereld,

as you may have seen in the media, in March we lost another member of our adult adoptee community.
This time prima facie due to excessive police force.
Watching the videos and hearing him scream is as shocking as watching the death of George Floyd.
This kind of racism in various forms adoptees experience all their lives. From subtle micro agression to the fact that the ministry of justice covers up adoption scandals and doesn’t honour our first families.

The application of the Hague subsidiarity principle instead of the UNCRC follows the same patterns.

Also the delay in acknowledging that “ Rahul” was in fact kidnapped is the same pattern. The whole affair happened around the same time as Madeleine McCann.

Also the fact, that the ministry involved the Fiom /ISS for the planning of the searches instead of directly seeking contact and coordination with the adoptee organisations and tasking the UAI with the planning is a similar pattern.
We have to provide work for free. While Fiom is paid.
Something persons of colour experience all the time.

There is another layer. From the media reports one can gather that there went something totally wrong in the adoption of Tomy / ( Tony) Holten.

I request you to start an investigation into this and in how far this is related to his death.


Arun Dohle