Author: Arun Dohle

The adoption lobby, stupid!

Interview with Nigel Cantwell For decades the adoption lobby denied that the Hague Adoption Convention and the Guidelines for Alternative Care were tools of the adoption industrial complex. Both bring in ‘permanency’, which is adoption. This ‘permanency’ was not included in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The US and France had… Read more »

How the EU failed the Ukrainian children

Guest Blog, by Roelie Post From 1999 till 2006 the European Commission supported Romania to reform its child protection. Old-style children’s homes were wrongly labeled ‘orphanages’ by the adoption industry, creating family-type homes, foster care – and finally – stop the export of children for intercountry adoption. After a long international dispute between the EU… Read more »

A chronology of the rise and fall of intercountry adoption from Congo

Today we publish the Congolese NGO Dynamique de lutte contre le trafic humain (DCTH)  about illegal adoption and trafficking of human beings, true crimes in silence. It’s in French. In short, it calls for justice for all, and an end to the silence. And for action at the level of the European Parliament and the… Read more »

Arun was adopted and now fights against adoption: ‘authorities refused to provide information all these years’

Source: translation) There are about 30 million abandoned or orphaned children in India, Indian newspaper The Hindu recently reported . And of these, only about 3,000 are placed with Indian parents every year. Nevertheless, the Netherlands still has an adoption ban. And that’s a good thing, according to activist Arun Dohle of the organization Against Child Trafficking. “There is almost never real voluntary… Read more »

Dutch Report on Intercountry Adoption – English Translation

With courtesy to ISS-SSI Geneva hereby the unofficial English translation of the Dutch report on Intercountry Adoption. This report makes a lot of waves since it basically announced the end of intercountry adoption. The Joustra Commission sees no further role for private adoption agencies. Joustra Report: (LINK) See also: International Adoptions in Europe Under Scrutiny… Read more »

Root Searches and Child Rights

Author: Arun Dohle; The original article was published by the swiss foster care and adoptive parents organisation “PACH” in their magazine ” Netz Spezial” Nr.3 ; 2020 . Translation from German to English partially done by an adoptee. Root Searches and Child Rights The current debate about international adoptions In recent years, organizations and… Read more »

Intercountry adoption, child protection?

During a conference organised by Terre des Hommes International Federation on Children on the Move, Arun Dohle questioned the European Commission on adoptions from Serbia. The issue remains unsolved. Brussels, 15 March 2015:   Arun Dohle, Against Child Trafficking (ACT) I work for Against Child Trafficking, and we deal mainly with the issue of intercountry adoption… Read more »

Tough report on adoptions from abroad: cabinet urged to stop

Source: The adoption of children from abroad must be stopped completely for the time being. A committee led by former top civil servant Tjibbe Joustra draws this conclusion in a report to be published, sources around the cabinet report. The outgoing government team is very upset with the recommendations. Jan Hoedeman 05-02-21, 03:00 In… Read more »

Denmark shut down investigation on child trafficking?

After the Dutch documentary in 2017, Ankestyrelsen (the National Board of Appeal, a department under the Ministry of Social Affairs) has, like Switzerland also conducted an investigation into adoptions from Sri Lanka to Denmark. However, the Danish authorities came to the conclusion that there have been no wrongdoings or problems with these adoptions. I requested… Read more »