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‘Child wanted, cash paid’ The shady world of adoption

Source: Atlantic Times By Thomas Schuler, March 2010 Former EU official Roelie Post campaigns worldwide against foreign adoption. She says the line between foreign adoption and child trafficking is too often blurred. She also sees potential danger in plans to introduce a trans national “European Adoption” authority. When Roelie Post, along with a translator and… Read more »

Officials scramble over Minnesota adoption controversy

Arun Dohle, a German of Indian origin who was adopted as a child from India, told over the telephone that the girls were in Delhi [ Images ].

“Adoption is a big business in India,” he said. “Unfair practices are the standard thing in India and the cover up starts from top to bottom. Everyone goes scot-free after flouting laws.”

He is the founder of the Belgium-based advocacy group Against Child Trafficking and author of a 2008 law review article on Indian adoption fraud. He had created sensation with his adoption story as a child a few years ago.
The sisters’ return to India in 2008 prompted an Indian government review of the system. J K Mittal, chairman of India’s Central Adoption Resource Agency, said the investigation was not finished but that no fraud has been found.

International adoption: Kidnappers or Saviours

Source: Economist Amid catastrophe in Haiti, a new controversy about adoptions Feb 4th 2010 | From The Economist print edition AFP Out of Haiti, but not to the highest bidder IT MUST have seemed like a good idea at the time. The New Life Children’s Refuge, a Christian group from Idaho, saw no need to… Read more »

The Morning Show – February 2, 2010 at 7:00am

Source: The Morning Show, for February 2, 2010 – 7:00am Click to Play: Click to Play: Download this clip (mp3, 20.55 megabytes) Play this clip in your Computer’s media player

Radio: Der andere Babyboom – Wenn Kinder zur Ware werden

Source: 25. Januar 2010 | Von marek | Kategorie: Politik & Gesellschaft Angesichts der erschütternden Bilder haitianischer Kinder spüren viele den Impuls: ich will helfen, ich würde ein Kind aufnehmen, adoptieren. Vielleicht kommt der Impuls etwas schneller bei denen, die schon Jahre vergeblich versuchen, hierzulande ein Kind zu adoptieren. Für diese Paare liegt die… Read more »

Kinder als Exportschlager

Source: Von Thomas Schuler Auslandsadoptionen sind oft ein Deckmantel für Kinderhandel. Besonders schlimm war (und ist zum Teil noch) die Situation in Rumänien. Die ehemalige EU-Beamtin Roelie Post kämpft massiv dagegen an.

New horror as traffickers grab children from hospital

Source: By Nick Allen Saturday January 23 2010 CHILDREN’S charities have voiced concern for the safety of thousands of orphans after Western nations began speeding up adoption procedures for the young survivors of Haiti’s earthquake. Countries, including France and Spain, have streamlined the process in the hope of getting young people to safety as… Read more »

Agencies warn against quick adoptions

Source: Saturday, January 23, 2010 PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, Jan. 23 (UPI) — International agencies have warned against fast-tracking adoptions of Haitian children, saying the practice could encourage trafficking. UNICEF, the U.N. children’s agency, has also warned against immediate adoptions. Luc Legrand, a UNICEF adviser, said at least 15 children have vanished from hospitals in Port-au-Prince… Read more »

Haiti earthquake: charities warn against rush to speed adoptions

Source: Children’s charities have voiced fears for the safety of thousands of orphans after Western nations began speeding up adoption procedures in the wake of the Haiti earthquake. By Bruno Waterfield and Nick Allen in Port au Prince Published: 6:02PM GMT 22 Jan 2010 A young orphan cries at the Lycee Francais in Port-au-Prince… Read more »

Haiti’s orphan adoption debate

Source: Al Jazeera By Jacqueline Head, 2010-01-21 It is not known how many children have been orphaned by the earthquake [GALLO/GETTY] The plight of orphaned children in earthquake-hit Haiti has led to calls for international adoption processes to be sped up. But it has also raised the question of whether taking children away from their… Read more »