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Glück auf Bestellung

Source: Archiv » 2010 » 12. Januar » Seite 3 Auslandsadoptionen sind für Eltern oft die letzte Chance, eine Familie zu gründen. Dahinter steht eine mächtige Lobby – bis hin zum Kinderhandel Thomas Schuler STRASSBURG. Manchmal muss man einen Umweg nehmen, um ans Ziel zu kommen. Roelie Post wäre in vier Stunden mit dem… Read more »

Adoption nach dem Erdbeben: Hilfe oder Geschäftemacherei?

Source: 9. Januar 2010 Adoption – hilfreiches Instrument für verwaiste Kinder nach der Erdbebenkatastrophe? Diese Kinder in Port-au-Prince beobachten die Helikopter mit Hilfslieferungen, die in der zerstörten Stadt landen. Foto: dpa / Jorge Nunez Kinder – Das Erdbeben in Haiti hat auch Familien auseinander gerissen. Die Waisenhäuser bereiten sich auf mehr Zulauf vor. Für… Read more »

Het draait om geld, geld, geld

Source: DE VERDIEPING 22 DECEMBER 2009 Iris Pronk Arun Dohle en Roelie Post. © FOTO WERRY CRONE, TROUW Adoptie is gelegaliseerde kinderhandel, zeggen Roelie Post en Arun Dohle. Samen richtten zij Against Child Trafficking op. Als het aan hen ligt, is interlandelijke adoptie over vijf jaar verdwenen. Aan de muur van hun kantoortje in… Read more »

Adoption is legalized child trafficking

Iris Pronk/Trouw December 22, 2009 Translated from original Dutch article Adoption is legalized child trafficking, say Roelie Post and Arun Dohle. Together they founded Against Child Trafficking. If it is up to them, inter-country adoption disappears in five years time. On the wall of their office in Brussels is a large world map with green,… Read more »

Mom questions China’s adoption system

Source:   By Richard Foot, Canwest News ServiceSeptember 26, 2009 A Nova Scotia mother who adopted a baby from China says she is haunted by questions about whether her little girl — and other Chinese adoptees in Canada — might have been kidnapped from her birth parents, or sold for cash.


Source: SUA şi UE forţează redeschiderea adopţiilor internaţionale de Mircea Opris, 23/07/2009 Jurnalul Naţional a intrat în posesia unui document oficial al Congresului SUA, prin care 8 senatori şi 13 membri ai Congresului American cereau Guvernului român, încă din luna mai, redeschiderea adopţiilor in­ternaţionale. În paralel, Comitetul pentru Protecţia Copilului a făcut aceleaşi “recomandări”… Read more »

Arun Dohle: Inside Story of an Adoption Scandal

In historical terms, intercountry adoptions from India have had a short run. Within thirty years of its inception, murky scandals of child kidnapping, falsifying paperwork, outright trading, and other tragic stories have ridden these intercountry adoptions. Worldwide, adoption experts widely believed that ratifying the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Co-Operation in Respect of… Read more »

The Baby Market: The Future of High-Tech and Low-Tech Markets in Children

Source: The Baby Market: The Future of High-Tech and Low-Tech Markets in Children February 14, 2008 Thurgood Marshall Keynote Speaker Sponsor & Symposium Co-Sponsor: Black Law Students Association Additional Co-Sponsors: Christian Legal Society; Law, Science, and Technology Society; Women in Law

Broken, broken by the “Adoption Mafia’

De Telegraaf, 2 June 2007 The scandal around fifty illegally adopted Indian children is only the tip of the iceberg. Only in recent months similar practices came to light in Sri Lanka and Nepal, where hundreds of children are being channeled for big money to Western (probably Dutch) adoptive parents, pedophile rings and possibly even… Read more »

A tussle in Andhra Pradesh

Date: 2005-05-21 Source: A tussle in Andhra Pradesh RAVI SHARMA in Hyderabad In Andhra Pradesh, the first State to ban voluntary agencies from placing children in adoption, the government is under tremendous pressure to reverse the situation. P.V. SIVAKUMAR A protester belonging to the Progressive Organisation for Women grappling with women police personnel outside… Read more »