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Adoption Lobby Alert: American babies for 45.000 $ (and up)

17 January 2016 Belgium has concluded an agreement to cooperate with adoption lawyer Michael Goldstein.    His website is called ADOPTGOLD Together with his wife Joy Goldstein he set up the agency Forever Families Through Adoption (FFTA) The Belgian central adoption authority has published the costs. New born baby: Belgian adoption agency “Klein Mirakel” :… Read more »

Adoption Lobby Alert: Ambassador Susan Jacobs on re-opening international adoption from Romania

15 December 2015 Source: Reporter: There were some discussions in 2001 when Romania closed intercountry adoption, regarding certain pressures that have been made on closing Romania on international adoptions as a condition for joining the European Union. Susan Jacobs: I heard the same thing. Reporter: Why do you think this happened? Susan Jacobs: I think… Read more »

ACT Against Child Trafficking is BACK ON TRACK

6 October 2015 ACT was threatened with closure, because one of our clients refused payment for our services. But, we are glad to announce that the dispute has been settled and payment was made. And thus, ACT can continue. Don’t forget: what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger! ============================= ADOPTION LOBBY ALERT is an initiative of Against… Read more »

Open Letter to Commission President Juncker

UPDATE (16 September):   Salary has been repaired! This does not mean the full issue is solved. Far from that. But at least this was solved. Ingrid und Klaus-Peter Wittkopf Sudenfelder Str. 10 D – 49525 Lengerich 14 September 2015 Dear Mr. Juncker, With this letter we address ourselves, as citizens of the EU, personally… Read more »

Adoption Lobby Alert: Child Trafficking in Uganda: critical times!

2 September 2015 ACT received through the grapevine a serious Adoption Lobby Alert.  We share it here, as it is seems to be a critical time in Uganda. Adoption agencies are throwing money around to try and keep the business going. From a trusted source: Reports out of Uganda are indicating that the US Embassy… Read more »

Adoption Alert: Eastern African countries stand up against child trafficking

ACT congratulates the East African Legislative Assembly with its decision to abolish international child adoption to stop the likelihood of children falling into the hands of traffickers. ACT has heard from independent sources that during the June 2015 Hague Adoption Conference, African representatives refered to intercountry adoption as being somehow associated to the history of slavery and… Read more »

Adoption Lobby Alert: Italy’s troubling times

26 June 2015 In Italy, the Central Authority for Intercountry Adoptions has concluded a Memorandum of Understanding with the Italian Police, the Carabinieri. Da oggi i carabinieri controlleranno l’adozione internazionale: finirà, finalmente, la piaga dei pagamenti in contanti e in nero? From now on, the Police will have to ensure that the fundamental rights of… Read more »

9th EU Forum on the Rights of the Child

11 June 2015 For those who were not able to attend the 9th EU Forum on the Rights of the Child, or were not allowed to participate,  ACT hereby provides the links to the videos. FIRST DAY 3 June 2015 (live) ended NOT YET AVAILABLE SECOND DAY 4 June 2015  Plenary Session Session… Read more »