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Adoption Lobby Alert: Would you believe in such a setup?

5 September 2014 Studying the Children in Families First ACT, the US pro-adoption law that is intended to get more intercountry adoptions through international aid, we had some questions. And thus called the US Agency for International Development (USAID). Would you believe… Would  you believe that the US Center of Excellence on Children in Adversity is just one… Read more »

Adoption Lobby Alert: Uganda, history repeating itself

3  September 2014 Uganda is the perfect example that the intercountry adoption system does not work.  It is a travelling circus, that leaves the same devastation everywhere. Already in October 2012 the Dutch Central Authority investigated adoptions from Uganda and as a result adoptions from Uganda were stopped. ACT handed in a FOIA request and… Read more »

Adoption Lobby Alert: Bye Bye DI-campaign

We’ve know it all along. But now there is a serious study that confirms it. The whole De-Institutionalisation campaign, to close ALL residential care, is a SCAM. It’s the European version of the ‘Children in Adversity Initiative’. Goal: adoptable children. Of course noboday says so, but the hidden agenda is well visible. We, at ACT,… Read more »

Adoption Lobby Alert: EU Funding for CORAM

Congratulations to Coram Children’s Legal Centre, one of 6 grantees under FRC programme on rights of the child — Margaret Tuite (@MargaretTuite1) July 20, 2014 Grants under the Fundamental Rights and Citizenship programme 386.205,58 Euro for CORAM: Unlocking Children’s Rights: Strengthening the capacity of professionals in the EU to fulfill the rights of vulnerable… Read more »

Adoption Lobby Alert: Hague Adoption Convention “too good a reputation”

14 July 2014 ACT hereby draws attention to the serious risks that exist for child trafficking for intercountry adoption. The below quote is from the ISS report of April 2014 that was drafted at the request of the Danish Government: Hague ratification does not mean total absence of risks. As stated in the introduction of… Read more »

Adoption Lobby Alert: Lumos lobbying the US Congress?

10 July 2014 From the JCICS Report to their Board of Directors we learned the following:  In June we are meeting with the Lumos Foundation (as part of the Global Alliance for Children’s mirror plan for the Action Plan) to discuss Lumos’ new office and presence in Washington. CAPP and Lumos will be working… Read more »

Adoption Lobby Alert: JCICS – Like… Christmas in July

10 July 2014 We thank the Joint Council of International Children’s Services (JCICS) – a name which according to some of their stakeholders should be changed into International Adoption Services, for uploading some of their key policy documents.  It felt like… Christmas in July [i] Over the next days we will analyse these documents and… Read more »