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Head of Bal Mandir, nation’s oldest non-profit for children, arrested on charges of child trafficking

Source: The director of the organisation has been accused of abetting a British national in unlawfully procuring a Nepali child and assisting in obtaining fraudulent documents to claim the baby. Head of Bal Mandir, nation’s oldest non-profit for children, arrested on charges of child trafficking Tsering D Gurung Published at : August 15, 2019… Read more »

APOM investigation into human trafficking network, confirmed

Source:, Thursday, August 1, 2019 Author: Mircea Dan Opris On the night of July 27/28, 2019, that is Saturday on Sunday, while all the attention was directed to the event in Caracal, the Association for the Protection of the Human and the Environment, signalled a descent of a mixed team from three special structures… Read more »

Going home is not an option

Source: BY SHATAKSHI DWIVEDI AND SHAUNAK GHOSH ON NOVEMBER 15, 2018 When a couple opts for adoption, very few consider children with special needs. Foreigners often do. What holds us back? For four long years, Kajal (name changed), has been waiting for some kind couple to come and adopt her. This 11-year-old was abandoned at… Read more »

Experts want tough laws on lucrative adoption business

Source: SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 23 2018 Adoption. Adoption. Foreign adoptions attract as much as Sh700,000 per child as legal fees for lawyers. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP In Summary A report of the Commission on the Law of Adoption in 1973 had also emphasised the need to embrace professionalism in adoption of children. The… Read more »

Spanish couple abandon adopted Indian child, Bhopal agency under the scanner

Source: SANYA DHINGRA 22 August, 2018 Shelter home allegedly misled parents on age of children; Italian couple also writes to Indian authorities against agency. New Delhi: A Spanish couple has reportedly abandoned a girl they adopted from an agency in Madhya Pradesh after they were allegedly deceived about her age, the latest in a… Read more »

Kenya: Changes to Law Seek to Beat Child Traffickers At Their Own Game

Source: 1 JULY 2018 By Gakuu Mathenge A raft of legal amendments in the National Assembly seeks to tighten laws and confront child trafficking involving wealthy and well-connected criminals. Nairobi features regularly on international reports as a source and transit point for child trafficking, feeding into the cross border crime networks by exploiting a lax… Read more »

Traffickers on the loose: How children are sold to highest bidder in name of adoption

Source: SUNDAY JULY 1 2018 Children playing in school. Weak adoption laws could have also exposed hundreds of Kenyan children to abuse and exploitation both locally and internationally. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP In Summary In Kenya, illegal adoption agencies have used technocrats, political offices and even tried to use diplomatic offices to… Read more »

Roelie Post, Das Leben eines Whistleblowers

Quelle: ARGOS  ARGOS – VPRO  5. Mai 2018 Google übersetzung Aber zuerst unsere Untersuchung über ein sensibles Thema: Adoption eines Kindes aus dem Ausland wird mehr und mehr diskutiert. Das Untersuchungsprogramm Zembla brachte kürzlich die Nachrichten über Adoptionen aus Sri Lanka und im April wurde das niederländische Doku-Drama “Exportbaby” ausgestrahlt – über die Korruption mit Adoptionen aus… Read more »