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Babies in limbo

This article was published on 07.10.2006 in Adelaide Now. ABOUT 20 South Australian families who have been waiting up to three years to adopt Indian babies remain in limbo after an adoption agency was accused of baby trafficking.

Adoption heartache for hundreds

This article was published on 17.09.2006, in The Sidney Morning Herald. SOUTH Korea has suspended all new overseas adoptions, plunging hundreds of Australian families into uncertainty.

Virtual land of the baby broker business

This article was published on 16.12.2004 in the Sidney Morning Herald. Tough new restrictions could soon slow America’s insatiable demand for overseas children.

Private hurry-up for foreign adoptions

This article was published on 15.12.2003 the Sidney Morning Herald. The long delays for overseas adoptions may be over with new rules being considered to allow private adoption agencies to operate in NSW for the first time.

Adopting from Romania

Extract from ‘How many planes to get me?’ by Jonquil Graham Original text can be found here. By the time the plane taxied into Bucharest I had a raging headache. The journey had taken two days with long stopovers in Singapore, Bombay and Zurich, and now I felt nauseated and my legs were swollen.

Mother fights to meet son 11 years after his kidnap

This article was published on June 6th, in The Sunday Times. An Indian mother faces a heart-wrenching court battle in Holland to gain access to her 12-year-old son, whom she alleges was kidnapped as a baby then adopted by an unsuspecting Dutch couple.

Child wanted, cash paid

This article was published in the US media, please click on this link for the original article. Former EU official Roelie Post campaigns worldwide against foreign adoption. She says the line between foreign adoption and child trafficking is too often blurred. She also sees potential danger in plans to introduce a trans national “European Adoption”… Read more »

Export commodity child

This article was published in the German media, please click on this link for the original article. Ethiopian Family has given a son to Germany. The father hoped that it would be better off there. That’s why he lied. Adoption agencies and orphanages claim such lies – at the intercountry adoption market.

Greece’s Black-Market Babies Come Home

This article was published on 22.09.1996 in the Seattle Times. Stolen Children Demand To Know Their Histories. ATHENS, Greece – Forty-one years ago a frightened Greek child of 5, stolen from her mother, landed in America to begin a new life.