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Romania Libera Part 1 About Sorina’s Case & Roelie Post

Full text in Romanian: Romania Libera 09.09.2019 Romania has violated the EU acquis and the law of the European Union                           Timmermans backs whistleblowers but forced her to hide even though she was right, Sorina’s Case confirmed her warnings. The case of Sorina,… Read more »

Head of Bal Mandir, nation’s oldest non-profit for children, arrested on charges of child trafficking

Source: The director of the organisation has been accused of abetting a British national in unlawfully procuring a Nepali child and assisting in obtaining fraudulent documents to claim the baby. Head of Bal Mandir, nation’s oldest non-profit for children, arrested on charges of child trafficking Tsering D Gurung Published at : August 15, 2019… Read more »

APOM investigation into human trafficking network, confirmed

Source:, Thursday, August 1, 2019 Author: Mircea Dan Opris On the night of July 27/28, 2019, that is Saturday on Sunday, while all the attention was directed to the event in Caracal, the Association for the Protection of the Human and the Environment, signalled a descent of a mixed team from three special structures… Read more »

Finally! The Montana Ranch closed.

For more than a decade we followed the news about the so-called Montana Ranch. Here it’s background: When Adoption Goes Wrong When Sterkel, a nurse, first started working with international adoptees in the early ’90s, she didn’t see many deeply troubled children. But 10 years ago she adopted two Russian boys whose American parents had… Read more »

The EU #UnitedforSorina

We are following since a few weeks the public outcry in Romania: United for Sorina. It is dramatic. An 8-year-old girl removed by Police forces from her foster family because she was adopted by a Romanian family living in the US. They paid 30.000 dollars to the American adoption agency. The girl is still in… Read more »

Sold for adoption to Australia: guilty as charged

In 2005 Fatima’s children were playing outside. A rickshaw driver pulled over and grabbed them. The older boy got away, but his little sister was kidnapped. And legally adopted in Australia. Years and years ACT has done whatever possible to try and connect the girl again with the grieving Indian family. Contacted the authorities, the… Read more »

European Parliament: Adoption Policy in the Digital Age

We received an invitation to this conference. Three times even! We declined. We informed MEP McClarkin that the people and organisations she invited as presenters,  are part of a fierce adoption lobby. Hopeland US was initially co-founded by the now defunct Joint Council on International Children’s Services, the trade organisation of the US adoption agencies. We have… Read more »

2Doc: Girl in Return

Source: VPRO Imagine that as a child, you cannot ground in your adoptive family. What are your rights? 2Doc: Girl in Return shows the personal consequences of the current international adoption system through the eyes of Amy, an adopted teenage girl. 2Doc: Girl in return Wednesday 13 March at 20.55 on NPO2 (And afterwards to… Read more »