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5 Ridiculous Things People Steal

Source: May 28, 2011 Most people think thieves just steal ‘normal’ things like cash, jewelry, watches, and cars.  However, a combination of greed, amorality, and desperate times – as well as black market demand – has driven creative thieves to steal some pretty ridiculous things. Things that you wouldn’t think are ‘stealable,’ or would… Read more »

“Illegal” Babies Abducted by Chinese Population Control Officials

Source: by Steven Mosher | Beijing, China | | 5/26/11 11:52 AM As Beijing continues to vigorously pursue its infamous one-child policy, PRI has gathered evidence showing that Chinese villagers who cannot afford to pay these fines have their “illegal” children abducted and sold by Chinese population control officials. It is well known… Read more »


Source: Neha Sahay,  2011-05-26 Imagine your only child being forcibly taken away by officials and adopted by foreigners who believe it’s an orphan. This is the terrible tragedy that has been taking place in some remote mountainous villages of Hunan, Mao’s birthplace. The irony is that this is being done ostensibly to implement the… Read more »

Reporting in China

By Melissa Chan in Asia on Wed, 05/25/2011 – 09:59. A recent survey by the Foreign Correspondents Club of China had some discouraging numbers about reporting conditions in the country.  Ninety-four percent of journalists who responded felt the work environment had deteriorated over the last year.  Seventy percent had experienced harassment or violence of some… Read more »

PNG orphanage reports buying baby

Source: The PNG orphanage decided to buy the baby to give it a better chance in life. [] 18 May 08:02:40 UTC+0200 2011 An orphanage in Papua New Guinea’s highlands says it has bought a baby in Enga province for about $US124. The Bible Faith Outreach charity’s orphanage director, Rosa Kepo, told Radio Australia’s… Read more »

Chinese baby trafficking leaves farmers forlorn

Source: May 16, 2011 By Anthony Germain, CBC News China is investigating the kidnapping and trafficking of babies by family planning officials who allegedly sold them to be adopted in the United States and other western nations. Forty-seven year old Yang Li Bing puffs on a cigarette as he shuffles through photos of a… Read more »

40 arrested in China for child trafficking

Date: 2011-05-13 Source: (AFP) – 9 hours ago BEIJING — Police in China have arrested a gang of 40 people suspected of buying at least 22 children in the nation’s southwest and trafficking them to a wealthier region, state press said Friday. The suspected trafficking ring allegedly bought young children — 22 of them have… Read more »

In Hunan, Family Planning Turns to Plunder

Source:  By staff reporter Shangguan Jiaoming 11.05.10 19:10 Families in a poor mountainous region have had children seized, and apparently sold, in the name of China’s one-child policy (Shaoyang) – On a long journey in search of his lost child, Yang Libing carries a single photograph. It’s a faded snapshot of his daughter Yang… Read more »

Family-planning officials took & sold babies: report

Source: May 10 2011]  By Liu Linlin Alleged child trafficking involving family-planning officials in Hunan Province stunned the nation on Monday. Over the last 10 years, family-planning “enforcers” in Shaoyang have seized at least 20 children from Longhui county, who were born outside their parents’ birth quota, and dispatched them to a local children… Read more »