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Gordon Supports Bill to Aid Adopting Families

Source: July 20, 2010, WASHINGTON. – Today, Congressman Bart Gordon voted to simplify procedures for American families interested in adopting children from overseas.

Bethany Reports Adoption Increases Up 26 Percent for 2010

Source: Attributes Increases to New Socio-Political and Theological Movements GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., July 19 /PRNewswire/ — As a result of increased attention due to January’s earthquake crisis in Haitiand other external factors, Bethany Christian Services (, the nation’s largest adoption agency, is seeing significant growth and interest in the U.S. adoption market, with overall international and domestic… Read more »

Couple defrauded but not deterred

Source: July 19, 2010 Couple defrauded but not deterred Attempted adoption from Uganda went bad, but parents now have three kids

Lawyers For Doctor Accused of Killing Daughter Speak Out

Source: Posted: Jul 13, 2010 7:40 PM by Mark Bellinger LEBANON, Tenn. – A Wilson County pediatrician accused of killing her adopted daughter is still legally able to practice medicine in the state of Tennessee. That’s because there is no law or rule providing an automatic review of a medical license when a doctor… Read more »

French Supreme Court Recognizes Foreign Gay Adoption

Source: by GILLES CUNIBERTI on JULY 9, 2010 Yesterday, the French supreme court for private and criminal matters (Cour de cassation) held that an American judgment permitting the adoption of a child by the female partner of the mother was not contrary to French public policy and could be recognized in France.

Big money to be made in the adoption trade

Source: If ever there was a scandal which called for the full glare of publicity it is the highly secretive system which allows thousands of children to be sent for forced adoption, writes Christopher Booker.  By Christopher Booker Published: 6:32PM BST 19 Jun 2010

France: Over 80 adopted children are abandoned each year

Source: Published in France-Soir, Nicole Korchia, May 3, 2010. The figures are secret and taboo in France: officially 2% of adoptions are doomed to fail in France. But unofficially, the specialists speak bluntly of one out of ten … Our investigation. A terrible fact … The failures of the adoption, is not much spoken about…. Read more »

‘Stalinist’ social workers ‘took children from loving mothers’

Source: By LAURA CLARK and PAUL BENTLEY Last updated at 8:34 AM on 13th April 2010 Social workers behaved like officials in ‘Stalin’s Russia or Mao’s China’ in attempting to remove children from loving mothers, senior judges have said. They warned that social workers in two separate cases tried to put children in foster… Read more »

Andrews asks parents to send adoption forms to Russia

Source: The Irish Times – Tuesday, April 13, 2010 MINISTER FOR Children Barry Andrews has called on parents who have adopted children from Russia to provide reports on their welfare to Moscow to remove Ireland from an adoption blacklist. However, he has insisted that the Government is powerless to compel the Irish parents of adopted… Read more »

Kouchner ne veut pas être “accusé d’enlèvement

Date: 2010-01-19 Source: Le Point Le chef de la diplomatie Bernard Kouchner a mis en garde mardi contre des adoptions précipitées d’enfants haïtiens, jugeant que les autorités françaises ne doivent pas être “accusées d’enlèvement”, même sous un “bon prétexte”. “Sous le bon prétexte de sauver des enfants (…) il ne faut pas qu’on soit accusé… Read more »