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EC issues ultimatum to Romania: stop child exports

Source: By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in Brussels 04 Feb 2004 The European Commission has warned Romania to halt the export of children for adoption or face a bar on EU membership and the severance of aid funds. The commission wrote to Adrian Nastase, the prime minister, warning that his government’s conduct failed to meet the “political… Read more »

Say: Bye bye Korea, until later, when I have grown up

Source: (Translated from Dutch) Eun-mi Postma – 04/04/03, 00:00 About four thousand South Korean children have been adopted over the last 35 years by Dutch couples, but last week the last batch adoptive babies left for Schiphol. Although South Korea is prosperous now, because of the rigid social conventions still many children are available… Read more »

Banished Babies: The Secret History of Ireland’s Baby Export Business

Source:  Amazon 1996 Banished Babies: The Secret History of Ireland’s Baby Export Business From Booklist Since this story broke in 1996, the Irish media have been chasing down details of the “export” –primarily to the U.S.–of 2,000-plus infants and toddlers born to unmarried Irish mothers between the late ’40s and the mid-’70s. Reporter Milotte did… Read more »

An Angry Doctor Battles a Gruesome Black Market in Asian Children

Date: 1981-12-07 Source:,,20080865,00.html In nearly a decade of treating the destitute in the slums of Bangladesh and Calcutta, British physician Jack Preger has witnessed more than a lifetime of misery and squalor. His patients are the homeless who scavenge for shelter in any dark corner, the helpless ridden with disease and the hopeless who can… Read more »