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“Crown witness in adoption fraud case is threatened with death”

Source: Today at 03:00 by Dirk Coosemans Crown witness Dieumerci K. was in a Congolese cell for a long time, but the investigation would have shown that he and his entire family were misled. PHOTO: AFP The witness in the case of the adoption fraud involving Congolese children would have been threatened with death,… Read more »

Civil servants suspected of adoption fraud

Source: Google translation The court wants to bring seven civil servants to court because they are allegedly involved in a large-scale fraud with Congolese adopted children. That reports Het Nieuwsblad. 14 September 2019 With eight, they are the suspects of large-scale adoption fraud with Congolese ‘orphans’ who the federal public prosecutor wants to drag… Read more »

Parents of at least five Congolese orphans appear to be alive

Adopted orphan or abducted by parents? Congolese adoptive children must donate DNA The judicial investigation into adoption fraud among Congolese children and about fifteen Belgian parents is in a final phase. That’s what the Mediahuis newspapers write today. “The investigating judge hopes to complete the judicial investigation in August. We have indications that fraudulent adoption… Read more »

‘936 Children Taken to Belgium and Nobody Knows if this Occurred Correctly’

Source: 29 April 2019 (Google Translation) Although the Government had Enough Signals Regarding Fraud with Adoption from Ethiopia, ‘936 Children Taken to Here and Nobody Knows if this Occurred Correctly’ Last weekend, a 17-year-old girl testified in this newspaper about fraud regarding her adoption from Ethiopia. As it turns out, her file was made up… Read more »


Source: My Mother Disappeared, and My Father had Died. None of it is true. FOR THE FIRST TIME A FLEMISH TEENAGER TESTIFIES ABOUT FRAUD REGARDING HER ADOPTION FROM ETHIOPIA HLN, 27 April 2019 (Google translation) In 2009, Thereza (17) came from Ethiopia and ended up in Flanders. Her adoptive parents were told that the… Read more »

Adoption or kidnapping?

Source: Google Translation Date: 2019-01-29 FROM OUR EDITOR  PIETER HUYBERECHTS BRUSSELS The federal prosecutor confirms that it has asked ‘about fifteen’ parents whether an expert is allowed to take a DNA sample from their Congolese adoptive child. The registered letters have been sent. The court has strong indications that the children still have biological parents in their home country… Read more »

Suspect Congolese child adoptions: Belgian parents bring civil claims

Source: Tuesday, 16 May 2017 15:35 Several adoptive parents who adopted from the Congolese orphanage, Tumaini, have decided to take civil action within the ambit of the criminal case. As The Brussels Times has recently reported, this revolves around kidnapping children and human trafficking. These parents wish to collaborate with investigators and the Belgian authorities…. Read more »

Belgium: International adoption banned Families stranded in Ethiopia

Source: By Tesfaye Getnet – May 17, 2017 The Ministry of Women and Children Affairs has prohibited international adoptions after Parliament’s recent endorsement of the National Child Policy, which took five years to make. After the ban, many children whose adoption were under process have been returned to their orphanages and the ministry has notified… Read more »

“Belgium has long been aware of suspicious adoptions from Congo”

Source: (Google Translation) Edited by: FT 5/16/17 – 18u06 Source: Belga Our reporter and photographer Kurt Wertelaers Benoit Freine went to Congo in late April and spoke among others with Suriya and Usman, the biological parents of Zakiatyu in our country in an adoptive family lives. © Benoit Freine. In Belgium it was perhaps… Read more »

Suspicious adoption of Congolese children: prosecution investigates all adoptions from the Tumaini orphanage

Source: LaNouvelleGazette 10 May 2017The federal prosecutor’s office will launch an investigation into all adoptions from the Congolese orphanage Tumanini, Het Laatste Nieuws said Wednesday, relaying information from the spokesman of the federal prosecutor’s office. Three adoptions are suspected of being illegal and eight others, also from the Kinshasa orphanage, are going under the microscope of… Read more »