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Salvadoran group dogged in search for children missing years ago in civil war

Source:   POSTED: Sunday, Jul. 24, 2011  By KEN ELLINGWOOD – Los Angeles Times GUARJILA, EL SALVADOR Her name is Milagro, or it was before her mother’s heart broke into a million bits. The girl was 4, dark-toned and skinny. On the day soldiers took her away, she wore a violet dress with short sleeves and tiny pleats…. Read more »

Suspended jail terms for buying baby on internet

Source: The Irish Times – Friday, July 15, 2011 PETER CLUSKEY in Zwolle A DUTCH couple who bought a baby boy for €7,500 on the internet were each given eight-month suspended jail terms and sentenced to 240 hours of community service yesterday. The couple, aged 28 and 29, replied to an advertisement placed by the… Read more »

Profit, not care: The ugly side of overseas adoptions

Date: 2011-06-05 Source: Lax regulation and an endless demand by childless couples in the West has created an often exploitative market in babies born in the developing world By Laurie Penny Sunday, 5 June 2011 In rural Nepal, where the going rate for a healthy orphan is $5,000 (£3,000), some 600 children are missing…. Read more »

Ethiopia to Cut Foreign Adoptions by Up to 90 Percent

Source:  March 5th, 2011 Peter Heinlein, VOA Ethiopia is cutting back by as much as 90 percent the number of inter-country adoptions it will allow, as part of an effort to clean up a system rife with fraud and corruption. Adoption agencies and children’s advocates are concerned the cutbacks will leave many Ethiopian orphans… Read more »

Adoption, national or international?

  Author: Oana Craciun 23 January 2010 – informal translation Wednesday, the European Parliament adopted a resolution by which it sent the European states a clear message to encourage adoptions, both domestic and international, so that abandoned children to grow up in families, not centers.     The Resolution comes after a petition from the Italians, that… Read more »

International Adoptions: Coordinating by the EU of the Rules

Date: 2011-01-19 Source:  Informal translation:   It ‘s the first significant step toward European Adoptions. With the approval of the Resolution on International Adoption by the European Parliament today international adoption enter fully the responsibility of coordination by the ‘European Union.This is a significant success of Italian MEPs (Roberta Angelilli, Luigi Berlinguer, Patrizia Toia, Sonia Alfano, Luigi… Read more »

Dutch politicians ask for investigation on European Commission’s abuse of power

Source: EC false report first international reactions Autor: MIRCEA OPRIS 6 decembrie 2010 A member from the Socialist Party of the Dutch Parliament and a member of the European Parliament want an investigation, after Jurnalul National revealed a fake report issued by the European Commission on adoption and children’s rights. The Dutch Member of… Read more »


Source: Informal Translation: 03-12-2010 • SP-Parlementarian Nine Kooiman and SP-europarlementarian Dennis de Jong want clarity about the news that the European Commission tries to get more power at the expense of adoptive children. A Romanian quality paper revealed today that the European Commission put pressure on researches in order to conclude that there is a… Read more »