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Illegal adoptions remain possible by authorities looking away

Source: June 27, 2019 Text Hélène van Beek Cum laude. That’s how lawyer Elvira Loibl obtained her PhD at Maastricht University on 15 May with the thesis ‘The transnational illegal adoption market: A criminological study of the German and Dutch intercountry adoption systems’. Journalist Hélène van Beek looked at the 518-page dissertation and read… Read more »

Pentru prietenii noștri români

Mai 2010 Transcript Question about the international pressure on Romania to resume ICA. I will not avoid the word mafia for this lobby, because there are elements which these lobby organisations use that are similar to the mafia. It is not clear and explicit which sources fund their projects. These NGOs working for intercountry adoption… Read more »

Kidnapping for adoption proven: guilty as charged

In 2007 Arun Dohle brought out the news that an Indian couple was looking for their kidnapped son. He had traced them after having read about it in the Indian news. For 12 years Arun Dohle and Roelie Post (ACT) supported the couple in their desperate search for a sign of life of their son…. Read more »

Help deported adult adoptee Wazulu to get his indian passport back

  In 2010, Wazulu who has been adopted via HOLT International from India, then re-homed and eventually  got forced back to India. Since then he is homeless and literally living out on the road, trying to survive day to day. Nobody had ever taken care of his US citizenship. He had been living with a… Read more »

Roelie Post: La Vie d’un Lanceur d’Alerte

Source: ARGOS  ARGOS – VPRO  5 mai 2018 Traduction par Google Mais d’abord, notre enquête sur un sujet sensible: l’adoption d’un enfant de l’étranger est de plus en plus discutée. Programme d’enquête Zembla a récemment apporté des nouvelles sur les adoptions au Sri Lanka et en avril, le docu drame hollandais Exportbaby a été diffusé – sur la corruption avec… Read more »

Roelie Post, Das Leben eines Whistleblowers

Quelle: ARGOS  ARGOS – VPRO  5. Mai 2018 Google übersetzung Aber zuerst unsere Untersuchung über ein sensibles Thema: Adoption eines Kindes aus dem Ausland wird mehr und mehr diskutiert. Das Untersuchungsprogramm Zembla brachte kürzlich die Nachrichten über Adoptionen aus Sri Lanka und im April wurde das niederländische Doku-Drama “Exportbaby” ausgestrahlt – über die Korruption mit Adoptionen aus… Read more »

Roelie Post: The Life of a Whistle-Blower

Source: ARGOS  ARGOS – VPRO (Independent Dutch Public Broadcaster) Broadcasted on 5 May 2018 English translation from Dutch Roelie Post, Das Leben eines Whistleblowers Roelie Post: La Vie d’un Lanceur d’Alerte But first our investigation about a sensitive subject: adoption of a child from abroad is more and more under discussion. Investigative programme Zembla recently brought… Read more »

Roelie Post: The Life of a Whistle-Blower Part 6

  Source: ARGOS  Broadcasted on 5 May 2018 English translation Roelie Post: The Life of a Whistle-Blower Part 6 Roelie also reported to her hierarchic superiors. Dirk Lange, head of the Romania Team. We have the minutes of a meeting where her security situation is discussed with the head of Human Resources. There is mentioned the… Read more »