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ACT in the NEWS: Foreign adoptions ‘make children commodities’

8 September 2015 PHOTO: “What is the definition of human trafficking? When there is an exchange of money for a human body, this is trafficking,” Anjali Pawar said. Excellent article by ABC Australia, reporting on ACT’s work. Mr Dohle and Ms Pawar, of the Europe-based NGO Against Child Trafficking (ACT), have long been involved with… Read more »

Kenya, another adoption scandal. The cost of Impunity.

There is a new adoption scandal. Kenya this time. It seems to never stop as the Western adoption agencies can operate with impunity. This also involves the newly created Danish Agency DIA, which is the agency created by the Danish government, out of a merger of Danadopt and AC Denmark. Why? Because of the Ethiopian… Read more »


13 July 2015 Against Child Trafficking and a European Commission civil servant a colleague of whistleblower Roelie Post)  blew the whistle on children’s rights and and child trafficking for intercountry adoptions at the European Parliament. This European Commission’s civil servant informed Member of the European Parliament Cecilia Wikström about the intimidations/threats she gets. How Cecilia… Read more »

Dutch Ministry of Justice: intercountry adoption is NOT child protection

1 July 2015 The Dutch adoption agencies sent on 27 June 2014 a set of recommendations LINK to the Dutch Minister of Justice on how to better regulate intercountry adoptions.  It is interesting reading. After numerous scandals and a decrease of some 70 % over the last 10 years, the Dutch agencies propose less monitoring,… Read more »

JCICS, US Adoption Trade Organisation closure confirmed!

Yesss! Confirmed! We saw it announced. ACT checked at the base. For those wondering who organised the yearlong “leaks” of JCICS documents, we admit: it was ACT. ACT regularly checked the JCICS website, and sloppy as they were, they often left their archive doors wide open.  For example, here their mailings to members. Read it… Read more »

Adoption Lobby Alert: JCICS – Like… Christmas in July

10 July 2014 We thank the Joint Council of International Children’s Services (JCICS) – a name which according to some of their stakeholders should be changed into International Adoption Services, for uploading some of their key policy documents.  It felt like… Christmas in July [i] Over the next days we will analyse these documents and… Read more »

ACT & Sakhee: Letter to the Indian Government

2 July 2014 The Ministry for Women and Child Development, India, posted the new draft Juvenile Justice ACT online for a public consultation. ACT & Sakhee’s sent their contribution. Food for thought. The full letter can be read here: ACT Sakhee Comments JJACT 2 July 2014

ADOPTION: To Be Child Protection, Or Not To Be Child Protection

27 April 2014 The Dutch Deputy Minister of Justice has agreed to a motion of Member of Parliament Loes Ypma to make the adoption of children from foster care ‘easier’. He requested the State Commission on Family Law to consider if incountry adoption can be made possible considering the problems in raising the child in… Read more »

Adoption Industry Guilty As Charged?

27 April 2014 On December 3, 2009, the Joint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS) presented to its members its Stakeholder Initiative, a  proposal to change the organization. It seemed, if nothing changed, JCICS would have to close its doors somewhere in the year 2010. The proposed plan was confidential and intended for JCICS members… Read more »

Children removed from parents in England back to Portugal. Latvia next!

18 April 2014 Glad to report some happy news! A Portuguese family had their five children taken by the Social Services of the UK. The two youngest were put up for adoption. The parents went up in arms. Even went to the European Parliament in Brussels. Today the parents received excellent news: their children will… Read more »