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Couple to face charges in Imagine Adoption case

Source: August 16, 2012 00:08:00 Dianne Wood, Record staff KITCHENER — It’s been three years since hundreds of families across Canada — including many in Waterloo Region — were left devastated by the collapse of Imagine Adoption. On Monday, the estranged couple who ran the Cambridge-based international adoption agency will be in court to… Read more »

Profit-driven adoptions turn children into a commodity

Date:  2012-05-29 Source: GEOFFREY YORK JOHANNESBURG From Wednesday’s Globe and Mail Last updated Tuesday, May. 29, 2012 9:24PM EDT A dramatic rise in foreign adoptions from Africa is ringing alarm bells among child advocates who worry that the soaring numbers are fuelled by financial incentives and a lack of basic safeguards. The number of… Read more »

Laos probes sale of babies to Australians

Source: by: From correspondents in Hanoi From: AFP February 06, 20127:55PM LAOS is investigating a retired justice ministry official for allegedly selling adopted babies to Australians, Americans and Canadians for thousands of dollars each. The official is accused of seeking out unwanted babies in poor rural areas, obtaining adoption papers and selling the infants… Read more »

Surrogate not legally a baby’s mother, judge rules

Source: Joseph Brean Sep 13, 2011 – 7:00 AM ET | Last Updated: Sep 12, 2011 10:39 PM ET “It’s tough for the legislators to keep up, and this is a case where it may be lagging,” said Rich Gabruch, lawyer for “John” and “Bill,” the same-sex couple who are now properly called the… Read more »

Die verschwundenen Kinder von El Salvador

Source:  29. August 2011 23:29 Viele Bürgerkriegsopfer wurden von Militärs für Adoptionen im Ausland entführt San Salvador – Das verknitterte und vergilbte Schwarz-Weiß-Foto hütet Raúl wie einen Schatz. Es ist das Einzige, was er von seiner Mutter noch hat. Als Raúl vier Jahre alt war, brachte seine Mutter ihn und den um ein Jahr jüngeren… Read more »

Profit, not care: The ugly side of overseas adoptions

Date: 2011-06-05 Source: Lax regulation and an endless demand by childless couples in the West has created an often exploitative market in babies born in the developing world By Laurie Penny Sunday, 5 June 2011 In rural Nepal, where the going rate for a healthy orphan is $5,000 (£3,000), some 600 children are missing…. Read more »

Liberals pass law to ease adoption of Crown wards

Source: Published On Wed Jun 1 2011 Laurie MonsebraatenSocial Justice Reporter Queen’s Park has removed legal barriers that trap most of the province’s 9,000 Crown wards in foster care with no hope of adoption. The legislative change, passed by MPPs unanimously Wednesday, will make more kids in the care of Children’s Aid Societies eligible… Read more »

Canadian parents wary as China confronts baby trafficking

Source: May 25, 2011 9:47 PM | By Leslie MacKinnon When Cathy Wagner of Bridgewater, N.S., heard a CBC story last week about babies stolen from their families several years ago in Hunan province, her reaction was that nothing has changed. She’s the mother of a 5-year-old girl adopted from the same region in… Read more »

Court strikes down anonymous sperm-donor law

Source: BY KEITH FRASER, THE PROVINCE,  MAY 20, 2011 A B.C.-born woman has won a long-running battle to strike down a law that prevents her -and thousands of others -from learning about their biological parents. Olivia Pratten fought for more than 10 years to find out the identity and other information about her biological… Read more »