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Kenya, another adoption scandal. The cost of Impunity.

There is a new adoption scandal. Kenya this time. It seems to never stop as the Western adoption agencies can operate with impunity. This also involves the newly created Danish Agency DIA, which is the agency created by the Danish government, out of a merger of Danadopt and AC Denmark. Why? Because of the Ethiopian… Read more »

Court orders adopted Kenyan children taken away from foreign couples

Source: By GAKUU MATHENGE Updated Sunday, August 16th 2015 The High Court has stopped two Swedish couples and a Danish couple from taking three Kenyan children out of the country. This was after it was discovered that the minors were not abandoned orphans but had families. Consequently, the court ordered the adoption proceedings stopped… Read more »

Uncertain future for parents with disabilities

Source: (translation from Danish) April 13, 2015 The new principled judgment on forced adoption of a daughter from her brain-damaged mother. The Department is concerned about the future for parents with disabilities. The High Court has chosen to affirm the District Court’s decision in a case of a brain-damaged mother and her daughter by which… Read more »

Unity leaving adoption talks

Source: POLITICS 02.10.2014 at. 14:24 (Google translation) BY SIGNING HAAHR LINDEGAARD Unity [Enhedslisten] is the first party that says no to being in agreement on a new adoption system. The vast majority remember the story about adopted Masho and her life with the Danish adoptive parents. The failed adoptions that were depicted in the… Read more »

Unity requires the rights of children in adoption debate

Date: 2014-09-04 Source: Unity requires much more focus on children in the new adoption law. Social Affairs supports Ethiopia By Michael Roemer When parliament in the coming weeks to negotiate a new law on adoption area, there is far more focus on children’s and adult adoptees subjects’ rights, says a requirement from Unity. – We’re… Read more »

Ambassador wonders: How can Ethiopia be a living hell?

Date: 2014-08-11 Source: (Google translation) Ethiopian Ambassador is surprised that Denmark will not let Amy visit her native country Dorrit Saietz Journalist Ethiopia is a country with 94 million people living a decent life Woinshet Tadesse, Ethiopia’s ambassador to the Nordic countries In Stockholm sits Ethiopia’s ambassador to the Nordic countries, a woman named… Read more »

Amy first trip to Ethiopia only as an adult

Source: Politiken | 11/08/2014 | Page 6 ADOPTION The Danish authorities have determined that the adopted child Amy is not allowed to visit her family and her country of birth, as long as she is a minor. That means four more years of waiting for her. by Dorrit SAIETZ After almost five tumultuous years… Read more »

Organizations fear the forced adoption of disabled children

Date: 2014-07-07 Source: (google translation) Rødovre Municipality may become the first in the country to be forced adopt a disabled mother’s child. It is of great concern to disability organizations. By: Naja Dandanell, Berlingske News Land Court during the summer to decide whether a young brain-damaged mom can keep in touch with her ??seven year old… Read more »

Analysis: Denmark should adopt children from fewer countries

Source: (Google Translation) By Lisbeth Quass, Berlingske News 27 June 2014 01:12 Need to cut down on the number of countries that adopt children from Denmark, is the recommendation of an analysis by the Ministry of Social Affairs. Denmark will in future adopt children from fewer countries. This is the recommendation of an analysis of… Read more »

Adoptions from Nigeria suspended

Source: (Translated from Danish) (29/04/2014) Social Affairs Manu Sareen has decided to suspend adoptions from Nigeria with immediate effect. Based on a recommendation of the Appeals Board Family Chamber of Social Affairs Manu Sareen today decided that adoption of children from Nigeria were suspended. The Appeals Board Agency, which oversees the area and tracks the… Read more »