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Today, Heidi’s triplets forcibly placed: ‘We fight to the end’

Source: By Mads Nielsen Korsager Monday 7 April 2014 (translated from Danish) The municipality will remove Heidi Rasmussen’s triplets. (Photo: Claus Bech) The triplets will be removed today, but Heidi Rasmussen is hoping for a miracle from the Appeals Board The plan will be that Heidi Rasmussen’s triplets will today be removed and placed in… Read more »

New scandal in India affects hundreds of Danish adoptions

Date: 2014-03-03 Source: Google translation: An Indian orphanage, which supplied a large number of children to Denmark in the years 1988-2006, is accused of child trafficking and falsification of documents. The orphanage Shejar Chhaya, located an hour’s drive outside the metropolis Mumbai, was for many years AC International Child principal partner in India. – Private… Read more »

Today, Amy’s mother in court

Informal translation,  Politiken, 18 February 2014 by Dorrit Saietz Adoptions – For the first time an attempt to have a Danish adoption annulled by a native parent. In the Ethiopian capital , Addis Ababa , today an extraordinary sitting took place . Genet Kedir Jara, who four and a half years ago, handed over two… Read more »

A 13- year-old adopted girl puts a bomb under the adoption system

17 February 2014 English subtitles Transcript: 13 -year-old Amy was adopted by Danish parent 4,5 years ago. Now her biological mother is going to court to revoke the adoption, because Amy was never happy with her new Danish family. It means a lot, it affects me, it makes me really sad that it daily life… Read more »

Expert: “International adoption should be abolished as soon as possible ‘

Source: Google translation from Danish by Simone Okkels 13 February 2014 Adoptions maintains weak social structures in sending countries. One of the reasons why the area should be completely re-thought, if not it should be abolished, according to adoption researcher. Over the past 50 years, thousands of foreign children came to Denmark to get a… Read more »

Maria Kling Holm: “It is a human right to know his identity ‘

Translated from Danish. Source: By Simone Okkels 12 February 2014 Adoptees should be allowed to know his biological ancestry. It believes Maria Kling Holm, who today still do not know why she was given up for adoption from India. The information about her adoption is in fact extremely scarce. For a long time she did not… Read more »

Næstved cancels Amy’s family visit to Ethiopia

Source: By: Dorrit Saietz 28 January 2014 (Google Translation): A lawsuit brought by Amy’s Ethiopian mother to lift the adoption is used as justification that the 14-year-old girl will not be allowed to visit her homeland after four and a half years in Denmark. The plane tickets have long been ordered, and Amy spoke… Read more »

Last chance for adoption agency

Today, the adoption agency AC International Child Support  submits its report on the cases that led to the suspension 10 January. The agency has received unexpected help in the process, hundreds of couples waiting anxiously for clarification. 22 JANUARY 2014 Source: Adoption agency AC International Child must now hand over the report that they have been asked… Read more »

Remember Masho? Still does not have contact with her parents

Source: (translated from Danish) By Susanne Johansson Monday 20 January 2014 Scene from the harsh documentary ‘adoption price of a child ‘, which created uproar among very many Danes. Here little Masho arrives to Denmark. (Photo: Frithiof Film) It is just over a year ago that the gripping documentary ‘adoption price of a child’ [Mercy Mercy]… Read more »